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  1. Should I wait until 2022 model year?

    if youre ok waiting, the longer you wait the more money you save. buy a new car every year or every ten years which costs more money usually? but dont believe the "first model year" stuff. you could have problems or no problems with any of these trucks. for me, 4k miles and my window stopped...
  2. wiring through firewall?

    ok guys its time to mount a cb radio, and run wires to a PA/Intercom set up. how/where are we going through our firewalls on these bad boys
  3. 3.5 EB Real World MPG

    can you explain your last tune more? was it a 4x4 and did you go from 15 to 17-18 after the tune or was your last truck always 17-18mpg
  4. Tire size with a 2” level

    we need a diameter by width by offset sticky thread
  5. 2021 F-150 Platinum - Star White w/ 2.5" Coilovers + 325/65R18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers + Method 315 Matte Black wheels

    because i have max tow i'm considering this exact 18" method wheel. what tire do you think will fit without crash bar removal? 285/75r18? 305/70r18? taller by .2" but they are 1.6" and .8" less wide than a 325/65r18.
  6. Auto Start Stop Eliminator For 2021 F-150 Now Available

    the button above your infotainment that turns off the stop start
  7. rims that fit max tow?

    the rear brakes aren't as beefy as the front for obvious reasons, but the diameter of the rotor is greater so it can get around the big axle. looks like i might be going with an 18" wheel with a 315/70 but ya ill go to a shop and test fit
  8. rims that fit max tow?

    forgive me if i missed a threat about this but how in the hell are we supposed to know what rim can fit over the max tow package caliper? I read from one of you that raptor wheels don't even fit.
  9. Can you set a default drive mode?

    this literally scared me and caught me off guard the first time
  10. Du-Ha under seat storage

    what do you guys think about the du ha vs the ford accessory version?
  11. Can you set a default drive mode?

    awesome truck, but you guys are right it reverts to normal on restart. So now every drive I have to turn dial to eco (accidently engaging 4wd on the way there) turn off the start stop button AND go into my menus to turn off outlets so my loud inverter fan doesn't run for no reason. Getting...
  12. inverter fan under seat always on?

    youre right, it turns off after a couple of minutes. so now when i get in the truck i have to turn off auto stop start then go into the menus and turn off outlets even though gen mode is already off. seems like an update or aftermarket flash will be required.
  13. inverter fan under seat always on?

    as lame as that is, even when i go into my generator settings on the sync 4 and completely turn it off, the fan still runs
  14. Anyone else feel the console shifter kinda sucks?

    i believe it does this when the door is opened slightly? it has happened to me a few times but i remember always being like ah that was my fault and not the truck's
  15. inverter fan under seat always on?

    got a 2k generator system on my lariat regular 3.5 and the inverter under the seat has the fan always blowing. i leave my back seats up and this is loud. even when i enter the menus and manually turn the outlets off its still blowing, sometimes randomly turns off for a while. you guys have this?
  16. Will the bed camera stay on while driving?

    imagine trying to look at what's wrong with your tie down job while driving without the camera!
  17. Will the bed camera stay on while driving?

    I own a lariat 501a since last week and it lets me access no camera views at above parking lot speeds. Lame. What else is a bed camera good for if not while you’re on the highway?
  18. King Ranch / Platinum / Limited Payload Sticker thread

    i just took delivery of a 157" lariat 3.5 eb with max tow i will check the stickers tonight