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  1. Heated Steering Wheel Performance Upgrade 22G06

    I saw this come across my FB feed, I can no longer locate it but the poster said it came from the 150 lightning forum... looks like I might get my HSW enabled 🤔.... eventually 🤣
  2. Vertical Dynamic and Static Weight Capacities for bed walls

    Hi all, can anyone please tell me where I can find this information? I've searched the forum but didn't find anything. I plan to install a retrax pro xr with either a Yakima overhaul or outpost and a roof top tent on the hd bars. It's a 6.5ft bed if that's relevant. Thanks in advance for any help🙂
  3. Oh Goody, another delete - CHMSL camera 😡

    I searched the forums before posting this so forgive me if it has been mentioned before. I guess the good news is I finally have a window sticker, but I didn't like what I found: 😡
  4. MY 23 Heated mirrors & wheel? Maybe Not 😡

    https://blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/74042-2023-f-150-production-information/, go to today's post. Credit: ice_capades @ blue oval forums INFORMATION Product Offering Changes: 23MY F150 Steering Wheel – Heat Removal and Mirrors, Sideview-Heated Glass Removal ACTION REQUESTED Due...
  5. Will this turn out to be the "Wait Time" Record?🤔

    Here in Australia, the overwhelming majority of pickups we get are mid-size (Ranger etc). We do get some RAMs, some Silverados, and some custom-ordered SuperDutys, and Ford Australia say they're bringing in some F-150 XLTs and Lariats in mid-2023, but only one configuration of each. Want...