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  1. BAP Black Appearance Package Trucks, POST HERE

    Trying to get a thread just for BAP trucks! Post em up
  2. Louisiana Screenpotecth B Pillar PPF

    This a set of screenprotecth clear ppf b pillar protectors. Bought but never used. Comes with squeege and 4 sheets with keypad cutout. Asking $70 shipped obo. Paid $90 plus shipping for kit. 21-23 f150 with keypad
  3. Lets see those aftermarket exhaust THREAD!

    Wanted to start a thread for aftermarket exhaust. Post your year model truck, what exhaust you have, and sound clips if you got em. 22 f150 lariat 5.5 bed Corsa Extreme Dual with black tips. Cold Start
  4. Upload contacts? Not sending messages

    This has happened one other time when I 1st got the truck. When you press the button on the steering wheel or say "OK ford", I tell it to text someone or message someone and it gives me a message back saying I need to upload my contacts. My contacts have been uploaded multiple times and they're...
  5. Louisiana Sold: 2022 OEM LED Lariat Tail lights with BLIS

    Selling my Lariat LED 502a Tail lights Immaculate condition. $800 plus actual shipping. They are boxed up ready to ship.
  6. Tail light misaligned?

    This is not my truck. I installed my BAP/Tremor tail lights yesterday and observed that my lights didnt line up perfect. I was told by another forum member that this is a common occurence. I took these pics attached of a space white truck I saw sitting in a parking lot. This trucks lights...
  7. Changing BLIS modules in tail lights (LED to BAP LED)

    I changed my Lariat led tail lights today to tremor/bap tail lights. I figured I would show the process of keeping your original BLIS modules and transferring them over to the new tail. 8mm socket for screws to remove lights Torx 20 to remove BLIS modules. There is a small hole if you will to...
  8. Changing from LED lariat tail lights to Tremor/BAP

    I was told just swap the BLIS modules and not forscan would be needed. I have never messed with forscan, but could if needed. any help or advice would be appreciated.
  9. Louisiana Sold: Corsa polished tips 4 inch

    Selling my Corsa polished tips. $75 plus actual shipping
  10. Louisiana Sold: Grille and Tailgate OEM emblems brand new

    Brand new off of a Lariat 502a. $55 plus actual shipping. front emblem without camera
  11. Louisiana Brand new bedside decals

    I have a sport 4x4 decal in black and grey. I have a 4x4 decal in black and grey. Both look similar to the black appearance package decals. Two decals per pack. Asking $15 shipped in USA.
  12. Louisiana Sold: 22 Lariat 502a led headlights and tail lights w/BLIS

    Sold headlights
  13. Best Oil and oil filter for 5.0?

    Ive always used the Motorcraft oil filter and Penzoil Platinum Premium full synthetic 5w30 on my 2013, but wanted to get some answers as to what you guys like. thanks in advance.
  14. 22 Space White Lariat 4x4

    2022 Space White 4x4 Supercrew 502a Sport package Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires 275/60/20 Ford OEM Wheel Well Liners Ford OEM BAP/Tremor tail lights Ford OEM BAP/Tremor head lights Ford Performance OEM Black Smoked Chrome Emblems (M-1447-F15B) Ford Performance 1.5 drop shackles Huskey Floor...
  15. Corsa Extreme Exhaust installed!

    22 lariat 5.0 sport 4x4 Changed to black tips to go with the "sport" look of the truck. Love the sound. I'll get some clips uploaded soon.
  16. Exterior lights after locking vehicle length?

    I'm noticing that the exterior lightning incliding mirrors, head lamps, tail lamps, fog lights stay on for a certain period after exiting vehicle and locking it. I also noticed when I had the truck in my garage and closed garage door, exited locked vehicle, lights dimmed to off immediately.🤷‍♂️...
  17. Louisiana Sold: Hankook 275/60/20 takeoffs. Brand new

    Came on the truck, swapped them out immediately because I had other tires bought. $750 or best offer. Will ship and work something out with the buyer. Paypay, venmo, google pay. These are over $1000 online plus tax. Hankook Dynapro AT2 275/60/20
  18. Sirius and radio preset question

    Ok so on my 2013 f150, you could select the source like sirius or the regular radio. Then you could have your favorite stations preset on that source. It seems that the radio and sirius in my new 22 f150 lariat is all one preset. So basically I'm understanding that sirius and the regular radio...
  19. Louisiana Sold: Brand New! wheel well liners21-22 f150

    I bought these from fairway Ford about 3 months ago and my dealership installed liners on my truck without me knowing when it got here. I'm in no longer need of these. Comes with hardware also. Paid $170. Will sell for $115 or best offer and split shipping with buyer