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  1. Upfitter Switch installation

    Still no instruction available. He said they would be available and yet again has failed to follow through. Kind of frustrating.
  2. Upfitter Switch installation

    I am pretty confident that you will get what you ordered. I just received mine - No instructions of course. I just think he does a very poor job of running his business - Not replying to emails, saying things will ship when they don't, etc.
  3. Upfitter Switch installation

    Based on my own experience the odds you get a response from your email is 50% or less. I usually have to email several times to get a response.
  4. Upfitter Switch installation

    Makes me think he has not completed them yet honestly.
  5. Upfitter Switch installation

    Mine is getting delivered today. I never received an email with instructions and I doubt they are in the box. Did he email them to you?
  6. Powerboost starting issues

    I have had this happen to me once and when I checked my battery voltage it was under 12v. I charged the battery and it worked fine. I think there is a steady parasitic drain on these trucks unfortunately as has been described by many others which just depletes the battery unless driving for...
  7. 2023 Powerboost “stop safely now” no start

    I got the "stop safely now" prompt and the truck would not start this morning. Purchased new at the end of February - 2023 Powerboost XLT. Approximately 3K miles. I have already replaced the Ford battery with a Duralast Platinum because I was concerned about battery drain. I had also increased...
  8. Upfitter Switch installation

    This really feels like a crowdfunded project where he is selling a product he does not have. He collects your money and then goes and makes it. Not an honest practice.
  9. Upfitter Switch installation

    I have not.
  10. Upfitter Switch installation

    I suspect this is the real answer unfortunately.
  11. Upfitter Switch installation

    I received a tracking number and email as he emailed the instructions- on prior order.
  12. Upfitter Switch installation

    I have purchased 1 other item from him in the past. There were questionable delays, much like what is going on here, but I did get what I paid for. He makes some interesting products so it is a shame his business skills seem to be rather weak - I.e. not responding to emails and giving fictitious...
  13. Upfitter Switch installation

    I don’t have mine. I was told it was shipping 2 wks ago. Poor email response. Not doing a great job on the customer service side.
  14. Cup holder light installation/media bin light/glove box light

    I backordered the footwell lights from sam galloway ford and they just shipped them out to me. I don't know if they have anymore FYI.
  15. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    good to know. The person above probably just needs to replace the sccm then I have now tried 2 of the units with the heated and cooled seats and could not get them to work. I purchased them on eBay so it is possible they were both broken. Everything else worked on them besides the heated seats...
  16. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Heated seats worked before installing the new HVAC module. And they work if I put the old one in. I copied all of the settings over in Forscan and could not make it work. I even bought another module to try and same thing. I wonder if I need the Mongoose attachment to change another setting or...
  17. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Did you say that yours came with the heated steering wheel? If it came with the heated steering wheel then it should work from the outset.
  18. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    Question. I just replaced my HVAC control module in an XLT truck with heated seats for one of the higher trim models with the heated/cooled seats and steering wheel option. I Loaded the HVAC settings from my original HVAC module onto the new unit. My heated seats failed to work but everything...
  19. XLT trucks with push button start cup holder/ambient lighting

    I just did this. John is a great resource and very helpful. I went with the 4 ambient footwell lights (2 front, 2 rear), Glove box light, media bine light, and cupholder lights. There are 2 harnesses with the push to start XLT trucks for these lights. 1 harness gets plugged into the plug...
  20. XLT Power Folding Mirrors Retrofit - How To

    Yes you have to program in for scan to make them work fully