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  1. Easy/Entry Exit Function?

    Is there a trick to easy entry? There's times where the wheel and mirrors will go back to where they were set, but the seat won't return unless I actually press the seat memory button.
  2. SSM 49625 - SYNC4 System Reboot Procedure for 2021 F-150 – Various SYNC 4 System Concerns

    This just helped me. Was driving around town yesterday and in between stops, the head unit completely froze and was unresponsive. I was close, had power and the screen off button pressed but it didn't do anything. Googled it and ended up here to tell me to use power and right seek.
  3. 2022 F-150 Order Guide Released. Lead Foot, Guard Green, and Kodiak Brown Deleted. Black Appearance Package Added

    Finally they found the pennies required to add the wireless charger to the 502A package. Seems like you still can't get an Antimatter Blue truck with the Lariat Sport/Black package. @Knickell I know you've already figured it out, but the Canadian guide specifically points out that Velocity Blue...
  4. Horrible fuel economy

    Over 5000km, mine seems to have settled in at 12.1L/100km(19.4MPG) based on the reading in the truck. I'm sure the actual value is a bit higher but still, very good mileage for a pickup. Plan once my lease is up was to go with a Tacoma for a smaller size and fuel economy, but if the updated...
  5. 🛻 Ford Sent F-150 PowerBoost w/ ProPower Generators to Louisiana to Assist After Hurricane Ida ⛈

    Looks like a King Ranch, Platinum/Limited and a Lariat Sport. Those are some high trim trucks!
  6. Securialert - Thoughts?

    Mine notifies me if my tailgate was opened, I also have the power tailgate.
  7. How much is your truck payment?

    Ouch. You missed the Lariat deal that was on earlier in the year. There was also an XLT deal that was on at roughly the same timeframe as well. Caveat was that it was only 2 year leases and started with 16000km/year, but you could pay more for more mileage.
  8. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    I'd be interested to find out if BlueCruise actually centers the vehicle in the lane, unlike the Lane Centering which quite a few of us have found tends to place the vehicle right of center.
  9. March 22 Build Week

    Dealer recieved it on Monday and had it ready to go on Tuesday? That's awesome!
  10. Ontario shipments from KC

    Most(all?) KC trucks have convoy on the sticker because there's no direct rail link from the factory. They get shipped to two nearby railyards and then get sent by train from there. For Dearborn trucks, I've seen them getting delivered to the GTA via train or truck.
  11. Securialert - Thoughts?

    Agreed, I also think there should be a cooldown on notifications as well when the vehicle is shut down. I don't need to get a notification that my drivers door was opened 5 seconds after the ignition was switched off...
  12. Add the tailgate step/workstation??

    Anyone find their tailgate step sticks when trying to get it out? Find myself having to pull or pry my fingers in a gap after hitting the button.
  13. Terrible fuel efficiency or is my truck defective??

    Was able to squeeze 9.4L/100km out of mine on a recent trip, and that was through some mountain passes doing around 110-120km/h(68-75mph). I put eco mode on whenever I had the truck in cruise, although I don't think it made a while lot of a difference. Second leg of the trip saw the milage come...
  14. Trying to find the light at the end of my tonneau search

    Just wanted to put my two cents in that the OEM Bakflip hard trifold mostly doesn't allow for the powered tailgate to come up and latch correctly. I've only had it succeed a couple of times, generally it hits the edge of the weatherseal and comes back down. You could bend the weatherseal up to...
  15. Terrible fuel efficiency or is my truck defective??

    Something must be wrong with my truck then, the built in reading is actually more pessimistic than what my hand calculated numbers are. Mine was off by 0.8mpg or 0.6L/100km. Still not getting quite the fuel economy numbers I hoped, averaging around 13.2L/100km(17.8mpg).
  16. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Dearborn is mostly rail for us Canadians AFAIK, although I've read of a couple people in the GTA that have had their trucks shipped via truck. Shouldn't see anything show up on Cassens or Palsapp until it hits the local railyard in your area. Edmonton? Should be CP Rail. Try to find your...
  17. March 22 Build Week

    Interestingly, when I look up my VIN the description says that it's for a Chinese Ford Escort. Engine and color are correct though. Should also note that my truck is a 502a, I didn't get the self driving/bluecruise prep package. Also noticed that the dates are well after I took delivery and the...
  18. March 22 Build Week

    Sweet link. Here's what I've got on my truck(it's sitting in front of my house right now)
  19. I think I’m onto something with this issue (resetting of the my view settings)

    No, I've only had the brightness indicator randomly show up once-and that was after I had to boost the truck since it died after sitting for two days.
  20. I think I’m onto something with this issue (resetting of the my view settings)

    Not true for me, I basically exclusively use the door handle to unlock/lock the truck and I've never had the mykey view stay on since I got the truck almost a month ago.