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  1. 🛻 Ford Sent F-150 PowerBoost w/ ProPower Generators to Louisiana to Assist After Hurricane Ida ⛈

    Hey that’s my truck in the picture with the extension cord plugged in. Also in the link “used to power homes in Texas”.
  2. Trailer Tow Package (Platinum Power Boost 701A High)
  3. Trailer brake not working

    I had the same issue. It wasn’t the truck, it was a loose wire crimp connection to the trailer brake where it connects to the brake wiring at the trailer wheel. Found it by jacking up the trailer, spinning the wheel and then squeezing the trailer brake switch in the truck. One wheel didn’t lock...
  4. 7 Days Of Rain Could Bring Flooding To Metro Detroit
  5. Unlock on Approach

    Sorry, I put my hand on the door handle to unlock.
  6. Unlock on Approach

    Yes, on the Platinum, it has the approach function. You get close to the truck with a key in your possession and the running boards drop and some welcome lights come on. You can disable it also.
  7. CARBONIZED GRAY F-150 (2021+) Club

    4 1/2 months old and 13,000 miles later it still looks good to me.
  8. Hard Bed Covers / Tonneau's that work with the F-150's Power Tailgate?

    Undercover Elite keeps it dry. The cover has to be up for the tailgate to open.
  9. Thumping/slapping/clicking sound when rolling

    Its was the heat shield hanging down rubbing on the driveshaft. Glad I found this post. Never good to hear metal on metal rubbing but turned out to be an easy fix.
  10. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    5800 miles, 24 day road trip pulling 18’ tandem wheel trailer with a SxS and a ATV. 11.7 mpg overall
  11. Thumping/slapping/clicking sound when rolling

    My 12,000 mile power boost with max tow did the exact thing today. It sounded like a flat tire when I took off. Thump, thump, thump. Brought it to the local dealer, not the one I bought if from and didn’t get much of a response. Told me they would check to see if I ran over something and caused...
  12. Stock Orders

    A refundable deposit shouldn’t be an issue. If it’s equipped the way you want it then get the one that comes in first. I put deposits at 2 different dealerships for the exact same truck I would have ordered and got the one I wanted in about 2 weeks. Neither dealer charged my credit card, just...
  13. Anyone get a problem free 2021 F-150?

    I did, 6,000 miles so far. Same with my 2010 115,000 miles and my 2015 168,000 miles when I traded them in. A lot of real issues are posted and I feel for those guys, but on the other hand lot of truck issues posted seem to be “user” issues.
  14. Installed Undercover Elite hard tonneau cover.

    A few pictures of the Undercover Elite cover Installed on a ‘21 Platinum Carbonized Gray. I happy with the fit, finish and sturdiness.
  15. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    Check out the difference between them. Just get what you want. I pull a trailer with no braking issues and the cameras are dead steady. Traded in my 2015 Lariat 5.0 for Powerboost engine so no power complaints for sure...
  16. 12 inch Blue screen?

    Mine did one time.
  17. 2021 With tow mirrors and BLIS is worthless.

    Work fine for me, no problem.
  18. How to temporarily disable Auto-Hold

    It holds the brake on until you press the gas pedal.