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  1. 2022 F-150 Order Guide Released. Lead Foot, Guard Green, and Kodiak Brown Deleted. Black Appearance Package Added

    Way Ford did on the 2021's, Ford should add a rust pkg - rust on axles etc... haha
  2. ***Limited Club***

    Tomorrow - finally headed to get windows tinted - nano ceramic. Gotta cut down on the cab heat. Get's hot down here in N.C.
  3. ***Limited Club***

    yep, they can be loud @ max (3 blue light) setting but likewsie mine is usually on the 1st blue light setting.
  4. NOCO car jumper sale

    A must have item :-)
  5. BDS 2" 4" and 6" Lift Kits for 2021 F-150 released

    Nice - may I ask what does something like this cost (out the door taxes included)? Was there any cutting required?
  6. Center Console Sliding Tray

    yep, iindeed t does come with the Limited
  7. How to Replace Your Cabin & Engine (2.7L) Air Filters

    All my vehicles - get replaced with K&N
  8. Review: With 7,000 Miles on Our 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid, What Do We Think?

    1. I have no issues with ride - it's a damn truck and the ride is way better that I had before. I do on occasions get some delay/hesitation when trans goes from 2nd to 3rd. 2. MPG is averaging around 19 (city). Highway @ 70 MPH - getting 21. 3. I cleaned up all of my rust - despite...
  9. NOCO car jumper sale

    Hi, Bob wishing you well. All good on my F150 - only 1,400 miles but rides great. Jim
  10. Sensor faults on first drive

    Excellent run down & great info. Thank you for the post.
  11. Powerboost Issue

    I don't have the answer but my limited powerboost will do it also at times - it's in 1st and when accelerating it's like the transmission is struggling to find 2nd etc..
  12. Extended warranty Cost

    1. Search this forum about the 3 websites (not Ford) where you can purchase E.W and/or service plans. 2. THey ae cheaper than through the Ford dealerships. 3. Note: I took the internet E.W. price to my dealership before signing the purchase papers & they matched it. Not all will but worth the...
  13. Rear Camera bad quality

    Interesting. Mine is fine - alot of clarity & vast improvement over my 2016 rear camera.
  14. What is "blend date" actually?

    Yes - a blend date is @ top center of you window sticker. It's means the production line has the parts and postion to begin the build.
  15. ***Limited Club***

    Loving it. 13" inch atenna, Retrax MX PowerOne Tonneau Cover & Ceramic coating + on windshield. I really need to get the two (driver & pass) windows tinted. The issue is were I live - don't trust some of the wannabes window tinting garages. Most likley I'll travel 2 hrs to get the tint. I...
  16. The more or less 6 letter word thread

    Blowjob * My leaf blower does a great blowjob around the home.
  17. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    just buffed mine out while in the garage. Been raining most of the day.
  18. Who's using premium gas and who's using basic gas?

    I have not bruned through a full tank of gas yet. When I do fill up, I'm going with the 93 to see how it does.
  19. Custom Orders Upgrade

    As the old saying goes - if it's not in writing it becomes not at all. So get it in writing (special order build sheet) & look at it to see if it says 2022.
  20. F150 availability

    Not that I'm aware of. My undersatnding they will build then park until shortage oof parts arrive.