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  1. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I had one for my 2013 ecoboost which was essential, but for the powerboost I'm not going to put it on. The FordTechMakuloco on youtube has a brand new 21' and hes not putting one on, thats saying something as he works on them for a living.
  2. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Semper FI brother!
  3. Windshield inside cleaning

    +1 on this product, I concur, this stuff is awesome. Its only $1.97 at wally world.
  4. What can be done to improve B&O system? (non-unleashed)

    I also had a 2013 upgraded Sony system and I agree that it was better than this non unleashed B&O system. I just don’t get it. How can a premium system from 2013 be better than a premium system from 2021? I do not have the problem that you have though. When the fade is set 100% to the rear it...
  5. Complete power loss when making right turn

    Whoa, official Ford Account??? About time you get on here! Welcome!
  6. Your iOS FordPass app working?

    Mine isn’t, can’t get past the Ford oval. Deleted app, restarted phone. Nothing works. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue.
  7. 2021 F150 with Lariat Grille Custom Auto Works Raptor Style LED Amber Grille Light Kit 2021 LR

    So does the wiring harness plug into the harness for the headlights? Could we see a picture of the actual kit. I don’t see it on your site. Just wondering how much extra wires would be laying around in the front of the engine compartment is all. Also. The drop down to order has 3 selections...
  8. 21' F150 Fuel Thieves

    Any idea as to the cost to fix what these idiots have done?
  9. Headlights brightness?

    I replaced my 2013 platinum HID projectors with the morimoto projectors. Night and day difference. Buy once cry once they say.
  10. Received software OTA 7/27/21 over night and experience today

    Ok I got this update and I too notice a significant smoother shift from 1st to 3rd. It *could* be the placebo affect but I don’t think so. I also noticed that my electric motor kicked in at 71mph while on the freeway. My max before was around 52. Could this be coincidental? Maybe. Time will tell!
  11. +1000W to 2.4Kw ProPower - PowerBoost

    I was worried about this too, so when I had a chance to reorder mine (first one was just the 2.4kw propower) I made sure it had the 7.2kw this time around, glad I did it! I read somewhere that it would not be as easy as switching out the head unit to change it to 7.2kw. I think the wiring and...
  12. What color is your Lariat interior?

    I actually love it!
  13. Question On Mismatched Tire

    Looks like the tread is deeper on the aftermarket tire. Uneven wear will affect handling to an extent, but your OEM tires only have 5k miles so the tread likely wont be that out of whack. To put your mind at ease I would maybe email/chat with ford customer service, they could get you a ticket...
  14. Stronger Wifi Encryption

    Man reading the string for this thread is like:
  15. Beware Fuelly Data

    Has anyone upgraded to the yearly plan on Fuelly? Just wondering if the $8/year is worth it or adds anything useful.
  16. Who’s Happy!?!?

    Fluid film is a good place to start. Needs to be applied yearly.
  17. Connected Sync 4 Navigation monthly cost?

    Unfortunately it wont show a price until my trial ends, but it looks like its $80 a year according to a commenter above.
  18. Connected Sync 4 Navigation monthly cost?

    Does anyone that only had the 90 day trial of connected services know of the monthly cost to keep it after the trial? I didn't get the 3 year trial with my 501a, only the 90 day one. I like how Ford stepped up their navigation with Sync 4, if its cheap enough I will keep, but if its $10 a month...
  19. Honorable Dealerships vs Dishonorable Dealerships

    I can vouch for Granger, very honorable. 3% under invoice, @GrangerChip is the best, will not hesitate in recommending them for any vehicle.
  20. AC and Seat Cooling Not Blowing Cold Air

    Just like @imnuts said, the ventilated seats pull air through the seat, they dont blow air conditioned air through the tiny holes in the leather. This is why you can't really feel the air. But if you hold your hand close to the seat you should be able to *Barely* feel air going over your fingers...