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  1. Cowl Discoloration

    Subscribing as I also have this issue. Will try the ceramic UV protectant as well. Edit: Just looked and the same thing is happening on the wifes 21' Explorer cowl.
  2. 2022 F-150 Order Guide Released. Lead Foot, Guard Green, and Kodiak Brown Deleted. Black Appearance Package Added

    You sure? In CAN guide this below seems to me its also not available with 157" WB, or CCD.
  3. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    Yes, there are two drainage hoses included.
  4. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    All 3 sections latch down, yes, on both sides. You can see one of them in the picture. For the tailgate seal, instructions call for two of the three "fins" to contact the tailgate. If somebody had a pry bar an wanted to get in, they would, otherwise it would not be easy for somebody walking by...
  5. Another Oxford White Tremor Walk-around

  6. Product recommendations for washing / waxing truck?

    Chemical guys foam cannon (perfect for cutting down time when washing a truck). 2 bucket wash system. California Water blade silicone squeegee. Stihl Leaf blower. Maguire's carnauba wax. Throw a clay bar into the mix every now and then to remove brake pad metallic and road grime from lower panels.
  7. Paint Issues - An Invitation to Share!

    both of my roof rails look to be only lightly painted...looks like primer with a skim coat of paint. will put up a pic later but has anybody else looked at the paint in the valleys of their roof?
  8. Bakflip owners! Does it really leak a lot? Is build quality and aluminum shavings a problem for everyone?

    I used this as well and it does help keep water out. Bought some d-shape weatherstripping off amazon for $15 instead of the Ford accessories kit.
  9. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    Installed VML3Z 99501A42 B afterwords and so far it works great. Power washed truck today and surprisingly no water inside bed. New tailgate seal works quite well. Also installed a D-shape dust seal around tailgate perimeter to help with dust and surprisingly it too works pretty good. Video...
  10. Lariat Sport Wheel scuff repair

    After less than an hour behind the wheel she managed to break it in for me. Wondering if anybody knows paint code for the sport package wheels, and if you have any tips on repair process here. Both local dealerships wont (can't) repair this and referred me to a couple local wheel repair...
  11. Frustrated With Tonneau Search...Perfect Tonneau?

    I carried my 2018 Ford Custom Accessories hard tri-fold (basically the backflip rebranded) over to my 21'. Power tailgate wouldn't close as the tailgate seal lip on the tonneau was too floppy - caused enough resistance to force tailgate to auto-open again. I had to manually open the tonneau and...
  12. Anyone Using These LED Replacements in Their Halogen Housings?

    Before trading it, I was about to replace all bulbs in my 18 XLT. After digging around I ended up deciding on these guys;
  13. What should I expect for my trade in value...

    I traded in my 18' XLT 5.0L with 38,000kms, no sunroof, no nav, XLT sport package, and Special edition package for $40,500 CAN +tax. Didn't have a blemish on it, maybe a 9/10. I thought this was a steal considering it had the problematic 5.0L. Dealer asked no questions and took one walk around...
  14. Best tailgate seal for automatic tailgate?

    I used this: 3M D-Shape Weather Stripping Works perfect as a dust seal and does help with water. Not 100% sealed but nothing will be.
  15. Ford Accessories Tonneau - VML3Z 99501A42 B. Does this have new type seal to work with power tail?

    Awesome, thanks for the reply! Yeah that looks like the new lip seal, albeit not as beefy looking as the Bakflip seal. But it does have the newer triple seal. Wonder if you brought the cover out further away from the cab would you get a better seal on top of the tailgate? Where does yours leak?
  16. Ford Accessories Tonneau - VML3Z 99501A42 B. Does this have new type seal to work with power tail?

    Can anybody confirm this new tonneau p/n has the new design end seal that works with the power tailgate? I.e. tailgate closes and forces tonneau to seal up against it automatically. (This is essentially the Bakflip MX4 rebranded by REV). I carried over my 2018 tonneau and the lipseal catches the...
  17. Shopping For a new Lariat. Advice on options

    Ahh, forgot the diff between CAN vs US co-pilot pkgs. In CAN you needed to upgrade to the PREP 2.0 to get the park assist and sensors
  18. Shopping For a new Lariat. Advice on options

    Think you need copilot 2.0 active PREP for front sensors and active park assist. Its a shame the copilot 2.0 active pkg itself doesn't include front sensors. In any event, the front camera will warn of collision detection in front, but will not let you know if you're about to hit the guard rail...
  19. How to Remove 2021 F-150 Front Door Panels

    Been waiting for this removal instruction. Have a faulty speaker in that door, thanks for sharing.
  20. “Bubble” on instrument cluster?

    1100kms and i just saw bubble for the first time. Engine was warm. Shut down to run into the store and then bubble came up when i restarted. Was only there for 5 seconds and disappeared. 3.5L EB.