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  1. What grade fuel for PowerBoost?

    Good discussion guys.... I enjoy reading civilized debates and learning some things in the process... I for one, cannot wait for custom tunes to become available for the 21s.. I ran an E30 tune on my 15' 3.5 Ecoboost for 100k miles and made alot of mustang and Camaro owners really mad
  2. Sport Mode Sounds Different

    Has anyone confirmed it performs better??? On my 15' Ecoboost it was actually slower in the 1/4 mile in sport mode... In my experience it just holds gears longer and makes the throttle stupid touchy... Custom Tuning is the only true "sport mode"
  3. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    Turbos are nothing new.. old technology....turbo failures are very rare... For me it's all about performance... This is my Second 3.5 I've owned... First one (2015 F150) was tuned for ethanol (E30) since it was new... 100k miles later not a single problem... And was over 100hp above stock... I...
  4. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Picked up mine yesterday... Also have no fordpass
  5. The Sport Mode Performance

    Zero power increase,, sport mode actually made my 2015 tuned Ecoboost slower in the 1/4 mile.... I think it holds gears too long with an Ecoboost... Might be a good thing with a 5.0
  6. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Mine showed up yesterday.. ordered Dec. 17... Built 5/7.... 502a sport, max tow, wheel liners, power boards, unleashed, dual moonroof, 3.5, 4x4 Exactly 6 months from order confirmation to delivery
  7. Dearborn Shut Down 5/17 - 5/30?

    Mine was built 5/7 with wheel well liners, deployable boards, and max tow... Showed up at dealer about 4 hrs ago
  8. Dearborn Shut Down 5/17 - 5/30?

    Mine is showing dispatched on the palsapp currently.. changed from pending this morning... Expecting truck to be delivered in the next couple hours... 502a sport built on 5/7..... Ordered Dec 15th
  9. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    You can already order a 2022 super duty... My brother has a F350 order already placed
  10. No VIN Club

    Order number can be all numbers.. my dealer sets order numbers by the customers last 4 digits of there phone number
  11. 4/26 Build Week

    Mine was built that same day and shipped the next day... Has a "16" for the transit date.. coming to Minnesota.. lariat 502a with max tow, wheel liners, unleashed, sport, dual moonroof, power boards..
  12. 4/26 Build Week

    What does the "04" transit date mean?
  13. Tracker "ETA" Reliability

    Have had both weathertechs and huskys... IMO there is no comparison.. Huskys are way nicer... At least the X-act contour Huskys are
  14. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Mine is also giving me a "ETA range".... Between 5/18--5/24
  15. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Mine was built 5/06.. shipped 5/08... Currently in transit with an ETA of 5/24.. but I expect in next week some time... Coming on rail from Dearborn to Southern Minnesota.... 502a 3.5, power boards, sport, 20s, unleashed, wheel liners, max tow, twin panel roof Ordered 12/17/20
  16. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Mine just changed to in transit this evening.. built on 5/6.. ordered 12/17/20 Hopefully in 7-10 days (SW MN) I will see it delivered Lariat Sport 502a.. 3.5, power boards, Max tow, Dual roof, unleashed, 20s, wheel liners
  17. 5/3 Build Week Club

    If you don't mind and you get time. Order number 2067 Vin# 1FTFW1E81MFB55320
  18. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Blend date of 5/6... Ordered Dec. 15th... Lariat sport 502a.. power boards, max tow, Twin panel roof, unleashed stereo, 20"wheels, 3.5 eco,... Bumped from 4/26.. Dearborn build