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  1. Possible for truck to arrive with never updating further than In Production?

    Yes, mine was done on 7 May and then nothing, I thought I was in lot 59 purgatory. Every Thursday I would email my salesman for any updates and he would tell me no it's still scheduled for the 24th but none of the trackers showed anything. Around the 20th I was looking on the trucking app...
  2. Oh no my shifter stuck in park

    I had this happen once and I tried the on/off thing and it didn't work. No cell service went in and called dealership and they wanted what alerts I was receiving. Told them hold on I'd check went out and it started up with no alerts worked fine ever since. That was back in early June.
  3. Reverse brake assist not available

    Checked mine it was turned on. Dealer could not find anything wrong when he went through the codes after installing the new gas door post. He thinks it was a comm failure but until they can make it happen he isn't sure. I told him it happened again today when I backed out of my driveway but...
  4. Reverse brake assist not available

    I'll check that before I take it in because I don't remember setting that up. There's plenty to set up so it would be an easy miss.
  5. Reverse brake assist not available

    I started getting it after the module reconfigure . I'll have them look at it tomorrow afternoon when they replace my gas tank door jam post.
  6. Choosing your dealer

    The manufacturing plant where I worked for 19 years the majority of the Ford owners preferred one local dealer over the other one. I went to that dealer even though the other one is only 5 miles from my house and mine (Lutesville Motor CO)is 25.
  7. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Picked min up on 4 June. Wife and I left for an 850 mile ( 1 way) trip to see my brother out on the North Carolina coast. Averaged a little over 22mpg on the way there and a little over 21 on the way back ECO mode the whole way. 90% interstate and not wanting to get run over I was doing 75-80...
  8. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    Thanks for the pictures I filled my truck up for the second time while headed on vacation. Got the alarm wouldn’t reset called dealer service department and he said it would be ok just hit ok button or pull the positive cable. I was traveling and didn’t want to do that. Started reading this...
  9. Order to VIN to Blend To Build to Ship to Delivery

    My truck actually showed up at dealer on 5/25. I found out looking at Palsapp that day at lunch. Told the wife finish up we’re going to see my truck. The delivery truck had a blowout and the tread hit my truck. Bumper had a couple chips but they painted it. Drivers headlight got a small chip...
  10. Where Are The Hybrids??

    Picked mine up Friday, First Ford I've ever owned......hell it's the first one anyone in my family has ever owned. It's the best truck I've ever owned for 200 miles anyway.😂🤣😂🤣
  11. Can't use Wireless CarPlay, FordPass, or Hotspot

    Some people are so smart (at least they think so) they refuse to take any help.
  12. Can't use Wireless CarPlay, FordPass, or Hotspot

    Count me in the group for this problem too. Picked my truck up yesterday afternoon and didn't read this until last night. Platinum Powerboost built 5/6, love the truck though.
  13. Platinum Club

    Ordered 3/9 Blend 5/5. shipped ?? Delivered 5/25 Rapid Red, PB, 6.5 bed, work station, max recline, moonroof, 7.2kw, spray in liner, Wheel well liners Truck delivering min had a blowout and tread hit MY truck. Chipped paint on the bumper, damaged lower valence...
  14. Rebates gone for June?

    $2000 on XL, XLT here locally nothing on Lariat and above and no X plan. Salesman says they don't know what will happen after June 30. Anything previously agreed upon should be honored.
  15. PalsApp Tracking

    Mine should pending until the day the trucking company picked my truck up at the rail yard (Wentzville, MO for me) then it went to dispatched, the next day it showed delivered. The tracker here and on never showed shipped until the day it was delivered to the dealership and then it...
  16. Did my truck ship?

    Mine was like that from 5/7 until 5/25 when it changed to delivered. I went to Palsapp and it showed pending until 5/24 when it switched to dispatched and then on the 25th it showed delivered. My truck was shipped from Dearborn by rail to Wentzville, MO then by truck to my dealership.
  17. Platinum Owners - Worth the Upcharge?

    ETA shifted to 6/6, neither tracker showed it shipping. I looked on Palsapp on the 24th and it changed from pending to dispatched. Checked it again on the 25th and it showed delivered, went to the two trackers and they showed delivered. Went to my dealership and my truck was there but in the...
  18. 5/3 Build Week Club

    Blend 5/5, built 5/6, Didn't see anything about shipped until I looked at Palsapp on 5/24 and it said dispatched. Checked on 5/25 about 2:00pm and it said delivered. Checked tracker here and on both showed delivered. Of Course now I'm waiting on the dealer to fix the damage from the...