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  1. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning LIVE Hands-On (by The Straight Pipes)

    I hope this is another case of Ford under promising and over delivering. Some Mach E owners are reporting 350+ miles in normal driving.
  2. Preliminary 2022 Lightning Custom Price Tool

    From the other post, I assume the Extended Range pack includes the wall charger..."includes 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro charging wall box". That should be listed in the sheet, no? I think that's a big + if it is.
  3. Trim Pricing For 2022 F-150 Lightning Revealed in Survey Email! [Before and After Tax Credit]

    The extended range pack includes the 80 amp wall charger, and the extended range pack comes standard on the Lariat+ and Platinum, which will be the two options I will have to debate.
  4. NYC event pics - 2021 F-150 Lightning

    Do you mean the Mega Power Screen?
  5. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Durability Testing Footage

    Deer don't stand a chance...I'm going to need a longer bed :)
  6. More F-150 Lightning Info Coming May 24th, Including Look at Base Model

    I Take a Deep Dive Into The New Electric Ford F-150 LIGHTNING With One Of The Guys Who Built It! - YouTube Not the most exciting TFL episode...but what can you expect from a matter-of-fact engineer? :)
  7. More F-150 Lightning Info Coming May 24th, Including Look at Base Model

    After listening to the TFL Truck interview with a Lightning engineer it seems as if Platinum may be the way to go. I believe they said that the Platinum will only come with the extended range battery and other options I am interested in. So a Lariat+options will likely be close to the Platinum...
  8. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Trims / Models Differences - Explained

    Same thoughts. And love the blue of your current F-150, that's the one I will choose. Lariat with the extended range battery and some other options with the $7,500 federal tax credit...I am guessing below $60k with x-plan?
  9. Hero Card For 2022 F-150 Lightning

    I know the Tesla comparisons have been beaten to death on the Mach-E forums but I have to say this thing blows the CyberTruck away. For $40k you get dual motors standard and TONS of options, which if you want the same in the CyberTruck you will pay $50k....and that's not even taking into account...
  10. More F-150 Lightning Info Coming May 24th, Including Look at Base Model

    So many features are highlighted on the Ford site so definitely want to know what comes standard. If the only differentiators between the XLT, Lariat and Premium are what's included on the Ford site (trim, wheels and technology packs) then the base level models will be great deals. I like a...
  11. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    1. Date: 5/19/2021 2. Reservation Number: 10814243 So many features!