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  1. Alex On Autos F-150 Lightning Review from Ford Event

    Spent years in the 1000 Islands, cold is relative.
  2. Motortrend Rivian R1T First Drive

    Moved from Northern New York to Tennessee last year. Put my truck into auto 4 wheel a couple of times all winter. Needed 4H and 4L all the time in NY.
  3. August 5th Email = Early Reservation Holders?

    Reserved shortly after the reveal. I did not get that email. I did get the "You've reserved a powerhouse" email on 8/20.
  4. Power bank possible???

    It would probably be cheaper and easier to throw an 8K generator and some gas cans in the bed.
  5. Preliminary 2022 Lightning Custom Price Tool

    The Pro with extended range battery is what attracted me as well. The larger screen is not that big of a deal to me. Have to see the actual pricing to determine if the Lightning still makes sense.
  6. Can F150 Lightning EV carry a camper?

    If you want the camper and towing I would get a one ton truck. Beyond any 1/2 ton truck capability and could be at the limits for a 3/4 ton.
  7. Choosing your dealer

    I have no experience with the dealer but Bronco buyers in Texas were able to negotiate a deal with Bob Utter Ford in Sherman. I would reach out to them. I went with Granger Ford in Granger Ia for their deal.
  8. Too early to talk colors for 2022 F-150 Lightning?

    I want to like iced blue but these are probably my choices as well. I've seen rapid red and it's great just need to see atlas blue. Carbonized gray is an outside shot but the wife hates dull colors so probably a non starter.
  9. Lightning software bugs?

    I would expect this to be a non issue a year from now when orders are fulfilled. I've never owned a pushbutton start vehicle so carrying a fob/key is normal and what I would do anyway.
  10. (⚡Lightning) A video of possible(?) Lightning Pro (XL) interior

    Looks good, wish consumers could get the XR battery in the pro. If it was I could make a Pro with cloth work for me.
  11. Preliminary 2022 Lightning Custom Price Tool

    I'm probably going to sell the factory tires and put on a set of Nokian Rotiiva All Terrians. Great wet/snow/ice performance and I got a great price from Wal Mart last year. Not noisy so far.
  12. What cars do you have now?

    Current: 2008 Honda Element 2012 Fiat 500 2017 Ram 1500 Past: 2002 Ram 1500 2012 Jeep Liberty 1995 Plymouth Neon 1986 Audi GT Various Motorcycles Either selling current Ram or giving it to my son.
  13. Choosing your dealer

    I chose to reserve with a dealer about 8 hours away. (Granger Ford in Granger, IA) Why? Because of their reputation and the goodwill they built during the Bronco launch. Retired and looking forward to picking it up and having a mini vacation on the way home.
  14. Ford F-150 Lighting Inside and Out - Full Walkaround Video

    Nice collection of vehicles. My current truck is bright blue and just looking for a change. Atlas Blue could win with the wife and change everything.
  15. Ford F-150 Lighting Inside and Out - Full Walkaround Video

    If you get a chance check out Rapid Red. I've seen it on a Bronco and it's my first choice for the Lightning right now.
  16. Ford F-150 Lighting Inside and Out - Full Walkaround Video

    Nice video, thanks. We need a full walk around of the Pro and XLT trims though. If that was the Ice Blue Silver color it did not look as good as the reveal. Hope to be able to see it somewhere before ordering.
  17. Too early to talk colors for 2022 F-150 Lightning?

    I attended the Bronco celebration east recently. I can tell you that Rapid Red, Carbonized Gray and Antimatter Blue are great in person. Antimatter is very dark but gorgeous in the bright sun. I wasn't a big fan of Iconic Silver or the white. I'm leaning towards Rapid Red or Carbonized Gray.
  18. Are reservation holders required to pay MSRP + markup?

    My understanding is Ford put price limitations on advertising for the Lightning. Because of that dealers have not been putting out their offers on this forum. I know that if you contact them Granger Ford in Granger Iowa, Chapman Ford in Horsham Pa and Stephens Ford in Danville WV all have...
  19. Reservation holders for 2022 F-150 Lightning - sign in here!

    Nice to see you on here with a reservation. Really appreciated your openness and communication on the Bronco forum. Received my email from Amanda on my reservation with Granger. Looking forward to working with you guys.
  20. Answers & Pics From F-150 Lightning Event & Product Experts

    The Bronco B&P was online approximately three months after reservations opened. Would hope for similar results on the Lightning.