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  1. Factory short "mudflaps"

    I ordered mine through my dealer, left one came from a neighboring and the right side should be in Mon/Tues. Basically don’t count out your dealer being able to locate one and just rely on online ordering. It was “a few cents” more to get it from other dealer.
  2. Texas WTB/T chrome mirror caps

    I’m in Bryan/College Station, north of Houston by about an Hour and a half.
  3. Georgia Weathertech Gray Mats

    I have the gray/black cloth seats and I still don’t know if these would look good with that combo. If they won’t allow a return I may take them off your hands, bucket seats and no rear storage, need to think. That’s a good deal even for close to looking good.
  4. Plastic cab corners!!!

    Seriously annoyed that they’re plastic, I looked down when I was getting my kid out of the back and saw somehow I had a cut in the plastic on mine.
  5. Texas WTB/T chrome mirror caps

    No worries.
  6. Texas WTB/T chrome mirror caps

    I’m hoping somebody local swaps up to tow mirrors or gets some color matched for their platinum.
  7. Texas WTB/T chrome mirror caps

    I have black Standard mirror caps and am looking for chrome ones to finish out my chrome package since it costs less to add the few pieces of chrome.