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  1. AMP Research BedStep Installation

    While I did not take pictures, the problem I had was that the Bed Step Frame did not align with the hole in the bed step arm. I had to drill bigger holes in the frame to get the bolts in the bed step arm. Wish the vendor was more cooperative to my plight. I now have the bed step aligned...
  2. AMP Research BedStep Installation

    Well I order a AMP Bed Step from The instructions were not good at all and the illustration suggested that that only one bolt attached the bed step arm to the bed step frame. I contacted both Real Truck and AMP and they were useless. After sending them multiple pictures of my...
  3. Build W/ 3/29

    Stay hopeful, I have some movement in the March buds
  4. Build W/ 3/29

    Wow...hoping this is truck has shipped!
  5. 03/15 Build Week

    Well just today my ETA End date went from 10/31/2021 to 08/25/2021. Hoping to see my Lariat 502A PowerBoost soon. It has been a long seven months since I ordered my truck!
  6. Build W/ 3/29

    Well my ETA End date just switched from 10/31/2021 to 08/25/2021.....could it be that my 7 month wait will be over soon?
  7. 4/26 Build Week

    I am part of the 3/22 build week and it does not appear that we have as much action. Ordered on 12/29, built on 3/29 and ramp 59 since then. Only hope that we will see some meaningful progress soon. ETA date is still 10/31.
  8. Build W/ 3/29

    Congrats! I am still waiting on my 3/30/21 build. Tracker indicates it is still in production. Hoping that gets out of Ramp 59 chip hold soon!
  9. March 22 Build Week

    My Lariat PB 502A was ordered 2/18/2021, built 3/29/2021 no update from the ETA of 10/31/2021. Still on Chip hold, hoping it gets updated soon!!!!
  10. 03/15 Build Week

    Tracker updated without my customer name too, however mine still shows in "production" where it has been since March 29,2001! Hoping to get some good news soon.
  11. Build W/ 3/29

    Good for you! I am waiting too, ordered 12/29, build date 3/30, ETA of 10/31/21. Kodiak brown, Powerboost, Lariat trim! Hoping I get an updated ETA soon.
  12. 03/15 Build Week

    Where did you find pictures of the flooding at the Dearborn facility? Can you share?
  13. March 22 Build Week

    I too am watching this build week. I have a 3/24/2021 blend date and the current Vehicle Visibility Report that I received yesterday from my dealer still show that my truck is on chip hold with and ETA end date of 10/31/2021. Hope that it starts moving soon!
  14. 03/15 Build Week

    I am in the same boat! Ordered on 12/29/2020. Truck build on 3/30/2021. ETA on tracker shows end date of 10/31/2021. My dealer has tried to get my truck delivered but to date has no success!
  15. Build W/ 3/29

    After eight weeks of my window sticker being MIA it showed up today. My blend date is 3/25 and order date is 2/18. However, the tracker still shows and ETA date of 10/31/2021. Don't know if having access to my window sticker once again means anything!
  16. Truck Delay Question

    Where do you see the "manual adjustment"? Is that from the Visability Report, or do you see that on the Ford tracker. thanks
  17. 4/26 Build Week

    I too haven't seen my window sticker for my 3/27 "in Production" truck for about a month!
  18. 03/15 Build Week

    Great after all there may be some hope for my 3/21/2021 build, Lariat PB.
  19. 03/15 Build Week

    I checked the Mach-E tracker for my truck and it shows an ETA start date of 10-25-2021 with an ETA end date of 10-31-2021.
  20. 4/26 Build Week

    Vin: 1FTFW1ED6MFB39398 Order #: 7001