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  1. LEAD FOOT F-150 (2021+) Club

    I’ve taken both approaches - got trade in value for OEM wheels/tires when I replaced them and for my F150 wheels/tires I was able to sell them via FB Marketplace (about the only thing FB is good for).
  2. 2021 Lariat 157" on 20x9 Hostile Sprockets, 34" Toyo AT3's, RAS

    I ended up installing it on the second hole and then also making sure that the bolts in the bracket had the nuts on the outside giving a little more clearance inside. I'll need to double check it under load but I think I'll clear. I hope. 🤞 I was going to go to the third hole but I wasn't sure...
  3. 17” Winter Tires on Lariat

    Generally speaking, yes. Unless you have the Max Tow package which requires 18" wheels do to the upgraded brakes.
  4. Rate the new Bang & Olson 18 Speaker stereo.

    Same here. Nowhere near as much sound as the system in my 2019 RAM Laramie. To be fair, I haven't used much other than Sirius but still it's weird to be over 2/3rds volume and it's not overwhelming - even at max volume it sure didn't seem like 'max'. I definitely feel like there is something...
  5. Changing color of truck on screen and cluster

    Used Tow/Haul for the first time tonight and LOVE the prompt to keep it in Tow/Haul - wish it did the same for Sport mode. :cool:
  6. Well this is a first . . .

    Opened my mail today to find a $500 check from my local Ford dealer. My first thought was what did I miss on the original paperwork that caused me to overpay? I read the accompanying letter to read: ”During our sales audit we received additional funds for your incentive on your vehicle...
  7. 2021 Lariat 157" on 20x9 Hostile Sprockets, 34" Toyo AT3's, RAS

    Looks great. No issues with the RAS and the Max Tow I'm assuming? It claims it only works with OEM leaf packages and need to remove any extra leaf springs. What's not clear is if you need to remove the extra leaf from the Max Tow setup. I would hope not but waiting for a confirmation before I...
  8. Selling my ‘21 Mag Grey Lariat SC LB Powerboost

    Never mind, just saw your install post from April. Guess I should have searched first. :ROFLMAO:
  9. Selling my ‘21 Mag Grey Lariat SC LB Powerboost

    Nice looking truck. Do you think the RAS HD raised the back at all when the bed is empty? I'm planning on installing it on my Powerboost to help support both the weight of my new GoFast topper but also to reduce sag when I have my dirt bike on the hitch mount or towing but curious if adds any...
  10. Lead Foot Gray 2021 F-150 Tremor on dealer lot w/ pics

    ^^^^^^ This ^^^^^ If you’re not paying me to advertise your dealership then I’m not interested.
  11. LEAD FOOT F-150 (2021+) Club

    Sweet looking truck. What level kit did you put in?
  12. Camper shell 3rd brake light

    My GoFast install date is early October, I'll be watching this thread . . .
  13. 4/26 Build Week

    Well team, after 5 1/2 months it is finally here. Ordered 3/5, build date 4/27 and she is finally here. After the 10/31 delivery date debacle finally was built and shipped with a deliver date of 8/13-19 but two weeks ago it switched to 8/25-31. However the tracker switched to delivered this...
  14. Called Fox again, new 2.0 kit engineering is done, manufacturing next. "Vastly different".

    Don’t have a specific recommendation for you other than to be honest with yourself on where you will be driving your truck and what you want to achieve. The vast majority of us won’t be driving high speed off road but if we want to there are kits out there that can do it - for a (usually steep)...
  15. Nitto Ridge Grapple vs Toto AT3

    I'm running the Ridge Grapplers on my RAM 1500 but will be putting the ATIII on my F150. The RG looks awesome but no good in the snow and are heavy.
  16. Called Fox again, new 2.0 kit engineering is done, manufacturing next. "Vastly different".

    Surely. Here is the thread that Stage3 Motorsports posted on it last week I believe: I also emailed Icon about it and they said hopefully by the "end of the month" but I would take that...
  17. Called Fox again, new 2.0 kit engineering is done, manufacturing next. "Vastly different".

    The 2.5" solution from Fox has been my plan but now that I've seen what Icon is planning to release I'm seriously considering their offering. My preference would be Fox but if there is a significant difference in when the two solutions are available it would definitely factor in to the decision.
  18. Bought My Winter Tires

    I've done it both ways - just changing the tires but keeping the same wheels so no TPMS concerns as well as having a dedicated set of winter wheels/tires. For my 2013 Tundra I would just tape over the TPMS light on the dash :ROFLMAO: . For my RAM 1500 and my wife's Jeep I had another set of...
  19. Before your Buy: 2021 F150 ICON "Staged" Suspension Kit Breakdown!

    I don't see these on the Icon website yet, any idea of when they will be released?
  20. Bought My Winter Tires

    I highly recommend the Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3 . . . I’ve been running the LT2 on my past three trucks/SUV in Colorado and Montana winters.