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  1. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    What are you using to update your Module? Let me guess, VCX Nano?
  2. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    @tony72cutlass's' It will only go one way and you can use the one next to it for reference. Here is a picture WITHOUT the heated steering wheel pinned. This is by far the easiest of all the pins to do, HCM pins are a nightmare.
  3. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    You should be fine. You have the 15a fuse in 36.
  4. LED projector upgrades

    Might, that's the ground. #7 should pass through grounding the headlight to the harness.
  5. LED projector upgrades

    Here's better PDF's 17&6 are for the turn signal indicator outage. When going from a regular bulb to LED
  6. LED projector upgrades

    Here you go
  7. Harness to tap into fuse box for projector headlights

    High beams, start up wig wag, glare free will not work without HCM and no way around it.
  8. Before & after with new Ford Performance 22" inch wheels + Michelin Defenders 305/45R22

    Thanks! Wheels are True Forged Chicane's 18x8 with Toyo 888R 245/40 & 18x10 with Mickey SS 285/40. Wheels are discontinued now.
  9. Before & after with new Ford Performance 22" inch wheels + Michelin Defenders 305/45R22

    Foxtoberfest! I was there and snapped a few of your car, Very Nice! here’s mine.
  10. Question on Glare Free Operation

    Your headlight light switch has to be in the Auto position. You want the icons like pictured, they DO NOT Change when the Glare Free is working but you will see the difference. There's also a setting in the menu for light - just make sure Glare Free is turned on. Also, if you lights are...
  11. Help- screwed up forscan

    @arlkal03 - I would count out the harness not being right / connected properly. Also, Was the HCM new or used? Pre-programed for a 22? Maybe if you get in touch with @Jesse-Infotainment he can take a look.
  12. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    @tony72cutlass's' you can spend $40+ and make your own harness or buy a pre-made one. I have these with the ground connections behind the HVAC / factory location or you can ground like in the video if you make your own. DM me with any questions.
  13. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Just out of curiosity, Why did you start with the Nano?
  14. What's In This Update? apparently nothing....

    So, when your Apple or Android phone has an update, who actually scrolls trough to see what they improved / fixed? Big updates, yes I can see that, these small updates who cares 🤷‍♂️
  15. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit?

    I guess for the right price I could let this go.
  16. what features am i missing ?

    Compared to what? Do you have the Window Sticker to show what you currently have? Lariat and above have memory seats A lot or a little, depends on what's important to you. There's no simple answer to these questions other than research. When I bought my 21' Lariat I thought I had the top...
  17. SYNC Not up to date

    Start here and post you VIN. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/request-vin-lookup-thread.13393/page-214#post-356306 This is the fix it yourself thread https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/ecu-module-programming-guide-using-fdrs.8249/ You have A LOT of reading / catching up to do.
  18. Sync Unable to Update

    Post your VIN in this tread, they can look up your history. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/request-vin-lookup-thread.13393/