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  1. Ford Power Up Wiki facing possible deletion.

    Once certain parties got involved in the delete discussion, it was doomed. I supported the deletion in the conversation there because I want to be consistent in my criticism of their policy enforcement (and change logs are supposed to be against policy) — not to mention it's a bear to update...
  2. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    Looks like I got 22-PU0727-VI-FXB over night Sunday or early Monday morning, and suddenly BlueCruise was enabled (on my birthday — Hmmmm.) I was not expecting it yet as I had understood there were a number of updates that had to come first. If someone could lookup this VIN for me to let me know...
  3. Ford Power Up Wiki facing possible deletion.

    Nice — but that does not have the link, just the media content. Highlight a word and click on the link icon then paste the link. That will make is shareable. EDITED TO ADD: Nevermind found it! — This is the link to your sheet. Looks great!
  4. Ford Power Up Wiki facing possible deletion.

    How about a Google doc? Maybe a spreadsheet that is publicly available but only editable by Rugedraw and those he wants to add? Easy enough to do. Heck, I did that for a state districting proposal once and had millions of hits without even worrying about it. I can add anyone with a google...
  5. F-150 gets back Auto Start/Stop feature starting on 3/24/23

    Auto start/stop is one of my favorite features on my F-150. I've sat in traffic for hours without burning fuel except as necessary to keep the system charged. Saves pollution, saves fuel, less time on the engine in idle… all good.
  6. Ford Power Up Wiki facing possible deletion.

    Rugedraw — It's a lost cause. I wrote a reply to one of your messages and you are exactly on-point. They are quite willing to house old useless information on Windows 10 with no other reference than Microsoft, but they have been creating new rules like topsy and it's just going to be deleted. I...
  7. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    That's at least an interesting file. Description: SYNC4 ALM Package load Software part number: NU5T-14H009-BAF Seems to have four included files and they all seem to apply to in-car voice recognition (Nuance). Two are software images and two are XML files with descriptors. The SSL...
  8. All Terrain Tires with Powerboost Engine

    Put on some BF Goodrich ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2, same size as factory at 275/60R20. Not enough data yet for mileage, but rides nice and quiet and feels very confident on the road. Looks much better than the capable, if boring, Hankooks.
  9. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    I won’t be sending out anything on your product other than how it looks installed, for sure. Should be here today or tomorrow.
  10. Request VIN Lookup Thread

    After 16 months with no updates, they replaced the APIM and I’ve received two updates in two weeks. Nothing big yet (just got 2.7.3) and I’m dreading 2.8.1 as I don’t have a good place to leave a battery tender plugged in overnight. No idea what might be next, but so far, so much better...
  11. 2021 F150 3.5 powerboost fuel rod

    I ordered an aftermarket billet in prep for the next munged latch. I’ll post install picks when it arrives. https://www.megaohmmotorsports.com/product/powerboost-billet-fuel-door-pin
  12. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    Ordered one last Friday. I’ll send install images when it gets here.
  13. Software Update Preferences not working?

    Ford had them order a new APIM, so they gave it back to me today (est 2 months for a new one). Of course, they disconnected my tonneau cover so I cannot open it or close it and I can no longer use intelligent cruise control. Oh — and they removed the USB-C port and replaced it with USB-A port...
  14. Software Update Preferences not working?

    The Ford dealership has had mine for nearly four weeks total now (including the last two weeks) without being able to apply an update. They say the APIM is fine but that the truck just won't take an update. I keep getting notices that it is entering deep sleep when they do it and they once let...
  15. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    It is the whole assembly, including the peg and boot.
  16. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    That was then… supplies are up now; lots of these have been made since bringing the cost down.
  17. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    You have to get the whole thing, not just the post. They say because it’s part of a pressurization system, it has to be whole. My dealership at the time dilly dallied for weeks, not ever bothering to even call me back before I bought the part myself online (Lakeland Ford) and took it to another...
  18. Securialert - Thoughts?

    I was just going to post the same thing. They've had my truck for a week now and not a single alert since the guy got in it to park it out back. All for a 4-hour process that apparently relies on the one person at the dealership who can do it (firmware update is stuck). It has never moved and...
  19. Software Update Preferences not working?

    Schedule service for CSP 22B08. They will need it a while if they are not used to doing the fix.
  20. The EPA fuel economy is possible! See Inside*

    1080# payload total, driving from Columbus to just outside Memphis, 87 octane regular gas. I’m OK with this.