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  1. PPE Deep Transmission Pan

    I purchased and received the PPE tranny pan in black. While looking it over I noticed the following in three spots on the pan. The dimples go about halfway through the cast aluminum. Opinions on this causing issues down the road? I’m thinking it’ll be ok I just want to be sure before I install...
  2. Aftermarket heated seats where to tap for power?

    I recently installed katzkin degreez units and their covers in my truck. The last step of the process for me is to tap a power source for heated/ventilated units. For those that have installed aftermarket seat heaters where did you tap for keyed power?
  3. New York Sold: Heated wheel retrofit kit

    I’m selling the following parts to retrofit a heated steering wheel into the trucks that didn’t come with one. I’m not looking to separate anything and just looking to get my money back. SCCM - programmed by Boosted Grey Goose through FDRS Boosted Grey Goose harness Digital temperature hvac...
  4. Katzkin Degreez HVAC unit compatibility

    I'm doing a major overhaul on my interior to include: Katzkin perforated seat covers Katzkin Heated/Ventilated Degreez units for the front seats heated wheel Digital temperature HVAC unit with the heated/ventilated seat buttons Does anyone know if the Katzkin Degreez units can be wired to...
  5. Adding Tailgate Handle with Trailer Light

    I'm looking to swap my current tailgate handle to one that has the light integrated into the handle housing. Has anyone done this? Is it a direct swap or is a harness involved? ML3Z-9943400-EA Is the part number
  6. Fuel Rebel Wheel Touch Up Paint

    Does anyone have a lead on touch up paint for the matte grey rebel wheels? I purchased my wheels through custom offsets and when I contacted them to see if they had any wheel touch up paint they suggested exterior house paint... A few of the lug holes were rubbed by the socket while installing...
  7. Ceramic/Teflon Coating Wheels

    I just bought a set of Fuel Rebels that will be arriving this coming week. I'm looking for recommendations on what people are using to do an initial cleaning of the wheels prior to coating, as well as which coating should be used on the wheel itself. Being that the wheels are brand new I'm...
  8. 2021 Ford tailgate damper issue

    Does anyone see an issue here? I installed this thing according to the instructions and it’s working the opposite way it’s supposed to. My tailgate still drops without assistance while it’s difficult to put up as I’m figuring the strut. I tried flipping the strut and it’s doing the same thing...
  9. Rock damage due to offset

    I’m looking into swapping my 20” STX rims for a set of Fuel Rage rims that are 20x9 +1 offset. Tires will be KO2s size 275/60R20. With the amount of poke this setup will have will the sides of my truck get rock chips, scratches, etc?
  10. Adding Tow Mirrors to STX

    I added tow mirrors to my STX using part number ML3Z17696AA. These mirrors have the turn indicator and puddle lights. Would these need to be enabled using Forscan? Tried searching but didn’t come up with anything. Thanks!
  11. Transmission shudder

    I picked up a 3.5 ecoboost on 2/28. Has around 300 miles on it. I’m noticing when I’m barely on the throttle and between the 8th and 10th gear there is a shudder in the transmission. Almost like driving over a rumble strip but not as quite pronounced. Is anyone else experiencing this? Update...