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  1. Tracker ETA vs when you actually received the truck

    Excluding the people that had retail orders that were held up, i’m curious how accurate the ETA is on the tracker. Thanks
  2. Ford.ca has a $1000 bonus for new F150

    If you look a the website there appears to be a new incentive that goes beyond the normal discounts. Does anyone know if this new bonus would be available if a deal was already agreed upon? I ordered in Sept and got the employee pricing plus an additional $ 3K off so I'm not sure if I would be...
  3. What is the attraction to 20"+ rims?

    Looking at the inventory of the new trucks (stock orders) arriving at dealers I see almost all the new Lariats have 20" rims. I believe in the Lariat the default is 18" rims in the Chrome and in the Sport. To get the 20"rim you have to select it as an option. Obviously for the dealers to...
  4. Place your bets - Powerboost vs Raptor in a drag race

    While we wait for CBob's report this is a little entertaining.
  5. Any retail VIN's from Dearborn yet?

    I've been watching the forum and I'm trying to figure out if anyone has received a retail VIN from Dearborn yet. I know a few retail VIN's are getting released but it is difficult to know which plant they are coming from. With the OKTB achieved, I was expecting to see a few VIN's get produced...
  6. I got a premonition!

    I got a feeling that OKTB will be achieved today or tomorrow and a number of retail orders will get a VIN on Thursday. How's that for a prediction.
  7. Any retail orders receive a VIN yet?

    I’m impatiently waiting. Has anyone with a retail order received a VIN?