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  1. Broken Axle Bolt

    I am having the same issue sheared axel bolt 2021 Powerboost with max tow package.
  2. Windshield Wipers quit working

    The dealer confirmed that the wiper motor needed to be replaced and that the error message “headlight system error check manual” was also related to the wiper motor.
  3. Windshield Wipers quit working

    My 2021 Powerboost Lariat also has the same wiper failure also my windshield washer sprayer does not work. I am on the road towing my RV so this is not cool at all. Using rainX.
  4. Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist Sensor Install Guide (2021 F-150)

    I installed my sensors new for 21. The sensors sends a signal back to the truck via a harness that plugs in above the brake light plug. The sensors once calibrated detects the yah of the trailer and provides a very precise directional control of the trailer when backing up. I have used it a...
  5. 10000 Miles cross country towing F-150 Powerboost Lariat Max Tow Package

    I have the Max Tow Package, 4x4, with the backup assist. I am towing a 6000lbs Airstream without any issues. I visited the rocky mountains, Grand Tetons, etc. The Engine braking in Tow Haul mode was good. The RPM was low and the engine was quiet even while towing uphill.
  6. 10000 Miles cross country towing F-150 Powerboost Lariat Max Tow Package

    We sold our 2020 Lariat and bought this 2021 Powerboost and it did everything we expected and more. The truck drove very comfortably and quite (low RPM at hwy speeds). We used all the features that this model had that was not present on the 2020 Lariat. The longer range, the 4x4, the generator...
  7. Powerboost hybrid - showing fuel door open error message

    My plastic post fell out while i was on a road trip but I got lucky and found it. I was able to reinstall it to get the fuel door sensor working again. One telltale sign that its rotating and will eventually drop out is you start getting the fule door open warning enen though the post is still...