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  1. California Socal 2021 F-150 4x4 Supercrew Lariat Powerboost 7.2kw FX4, Space White, Raceline, Retrax

    My Raptor was delivered so listing my Lariat for sale in excellent condition. 2021 F-150 Supercrew Lariat 4x4 Powerboost with 7.2kw pro power option Color: Space White Interior: Tan Mileage: 15,600 FX4 Off-road package Twinpanel moonroof Chrome package (sidesteps will be mounted again and...
  2. Oklahoma 2021 Lariat FX4

    How many miles?
  3. Lay flat seats PowerBoost Carbon Monoxide

    the engine cycles on and off to maintain the power boost battery rather then staying on nonstop. You should be fine as long as the vehicle itself is out In the open air ofcourse. AC is electric, so it’s nice having it on with engine off most the time. I think my engine turns on for 2-3 minutes...
  4. California FS/FT: 2021 F150 Lariat Chrome Appearance Package

    yes still a work in progress and I’ve been busy with work so been away from working in the truck. I also have the F150 lariat badge, window trim and front and rear bumpers still if anyone’s interested. Mirror caps went on today, chrome available fs
  5. XLT Sport 302a EcoBoost Looking Pretty Nifty

    Damn, nice choice on the wheel / tire setup!
  6. Can you get a secondary battery for the engine?

    based on this the truck has 3 batteries (Starting, aux and the power boost battery under the bed)? I’ve added a fridge and was looking to install a house battery and run it on 12v vs 120ac and it sounds like Aux battery upgrade is way to go. Thanks for the info
  7. Lariat Sport 502A, 2" Level, 285/65 R20 KO2s + Mods

    Looks good! The pro slats look best. I Got the non pro to save 30lbs but have a rack over it and it’s more a mini blinds look. I think the pros the best cover out there right now with those tracks too ?
  8. Lariat Sport 502A, 2" Level, 285/65 R20 KO2s + Mods

    yes, we’ll not towing daily but payload is always something to be aware off depending on what your doing. Between family of 4 plus fridge, tent, etc I still wanted the truck to be within the test cases (breaks, habing, etc. should be plenty
  9. 2.25” ReadyLIFT Leveling Kit with 35's installed on my 2021 F-150

    I also originally wanted to maintain factory geometry and go with the BDS kit however changed my mind after read it cuts a crossmember. Was hoping to go with 34s and minimal poke to hopefully rub very little at factory height. Or maybe get a minimal spacer.Did you find any compatible part #s yet?
  10. I lucked out!

    Congrats, nice find getting the work surface. Back ordered so can’t get it yet for mine.
  11. Lariat Sport 502A, 2" Level, 285/65 R20 KO2s + Mods

    thanks for sharing. My 501a is 1435 lbs for reference.
  12. 7.2 kW generator retrofit?

    Yes, logically there would be the right size harness for every optioned truck from build perspective. If you need to replace everything inverter back it will be pricey. Great video showing the system without a cab on it
  13. 7.2 kW generator retrofit?

    Looks like all PowerBoost's get the 35-kW (47 horsepower) electric motor. It supports 2.4kW or 7.2kW. Looks like the Inverter is what you need, assuming the circuits are sufficient. Same 1.5kW-hr battery too. Don't see why you couldn't mount the 7.2kw inverter and bed components then update...
  14. Finally got my bed setup: bed liner, tonneau cover, and bed divider.

    Great setup, going to do something similar. Looks great too
  15. California FS/FT: 2021 F150 Lariat Chrome Appearance Package

    Located in Los Angeles, CA - parts are available to part out or trade. 18" chrome-like PVD aluminum wheels w/ OWL All Terrain 275/65/18 tires and TPMS. Chrome 2-bar grille, silver-painted background mesh and silver-painted surround Chrome angular step bars Chrome exterior door and tailgate...
  16. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    New owner here, confused as to why the corrosion warranty doesn't simply cover this: