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  1. I miss Blackout150

    I got the billet fuel door pin from MegaOhm. My rationale behind replacing a brand new pin was if the pin ever broke, I'm screwed. The fuel door wouldn't latch and the truck wouldn't get the vapor something or other and it wouldn't start and you're stranded. That's what I understand and...
  2. I miss Blackout150

    This is the very video I watched to learn how to do it.
  3. I miss Blackout150

    Hey fellas, what is going on? I hope y'alls summer has been fantastic so far. I got my windshield washer fixed. It needed a new pump. I know you were wondering if they kept it overnight? Yes they did. They had to get a pump from Denver. I did the nickel trick on my console lid and it...
  4. I miss Blackout150

    I'm glad you are enjoying your truck. It took long enough to get it. I love the technology and engineering that's wrapped up in our trucks. Looking at your dash thermometer, I would say it's hot enough. Combine that and the humidity and I bet it's intolerable. I wish I could have gotten...
  5. I miss Blackout150

    I look forward to it.
  6. I miss Blackout150

    Yeah. The weather is unpredictable up there. America's mountain is 14,115 ft. All said, you really do want to see the world from the top of the mountain. I used to ride and I think going to the top would be a worthy and satisfying challenge. This link will help...
  7. I miss Blackout150

    I'm glad you're driving that truck. I'm jealous. I don't get to drive nearly as much as I used too. We take my wife's car when we go places together. I bet the pro power is great with the trailer. No generator droning in the background anymore? Miss the talk too!
  8. I miss Blackout150

    10k miles, wow! I'm glad you're doing good. No snow down here at 6600 ft. Pikes Peak got 10 inches at the summit the other day.
  9. I miss Blackout150

    Mileage check: 941 I hope y'all are all doing good.
  10. Black Paint = Hot Truck - What are your go to mitigation tips?

    I got XPEL XR+ on all the windows, even the windshield. The windshield is the lightest tint they make. The ceramic tint blocks the UV rays wonderfully. It is significantly cooler in my truck now, but tint does nothing for the ambient temperature though. If it's hot, it's hot.
  11. Test Driving Powerboost -A few questions

    I agree with others that two days isn't enough to make a full evaluation or "learn" how to drive a PowerBoost. I've had my PB for four months and I love it. I don't really do too much to use the hybrid system, it does it by itself and I average 25% electric miles. I live in Colorado Springs...
  12. I miss Blackout150

    $24 more? Out here that's a possible $144. If I had that kind of capacity the gas would get old before I run it out. 36 gallons - that's funny. But, some of y'all drive to work everyday and probably drain a tank of gas before it gets old. Mileage check: 759
  13. I miss Blackout150

    I filled up my truck for the first time on Thursday. I called my financial advisor to see if I had that kind of money :D. Gas is expensive in Colorado (nothing like California though ;)). I haven't had a vehicle with a 30 gallon tank before and to see that cost was kind of shocking. I'm glad...
  14. I miss Blackout150

    When did you change your oil the first time? I've heard 1000 miles to break it in and then put in the good synthetic. I've got 650 miles on mine now (averging 200 miles a month). I don't know if I am ever going to break it in or burn through the tank of gas. I'm averaging electric miles 33%...
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Search for this thread. 2021 leveling info with CCD suspension It has all the info you are looking for. I am going to do the same thing.
  16. I miss Blackout150

    Congratulations!! You are so right, the fun begins now. You won't have enough time to have all the fun you want to have! 🍻 🍾 Glad you got your truck back safe and sound.
  17. I miss Blackout150

    I had the American flag Tuff Skinz picked out for mine and they quit making them for PLATINUM since I found them back last year.
  18. I miss Blackout150

    My truck is crazy nice. I have 400 miles on it now in only two months. The dealership and I have split visitation. They've had it a month and I've had it a month. The power is so good on this thing. I swear I'm going to try and drive like an adult. 25% of my miles are electric though. But...
  19. I miss Blackout150

    OMG, that sucks! I hate that for you. Now your brand new truck has to go to shop. This nation has turned into the place where respect and patience has gone to die. Nobody gives a rat's ass about their fellow man anymore. I don't understand. But now I have yet another reason to get a high...