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  1. Getting new Transmission at 19k miles

    A few weeks ago I noticed when going into D , it would take 3-4 seconds for things to engage and then a light clunk before i could press the Gas . When going into reverse there was also 2 second delay and followed by a harder clunk. Then earlier this week I noticed the truck would not go into...
  2. Transmission acting funny--your thoughts ?

    ( going to take it in to service tomorrow ) Last couple days I have noticed when I put in Drive , it takes a few extra seconds to engage. Especially when in reverse . Yesterday when I shifted into drive it took a second to think , then went into 4th gear and then kind of clunked into 1st ...
  3. Rear window won’t go up/national back order

    Just got truck back from service as the rear window wouldn’t come up. I read on a couple threads about this issue but anyone know just how long a national back order can be ? My service advisor is telling me it could be 4-6 months ? They rolled window up for now so I can drive it but curious if...
  4. Installed BDS control arms. Need some support please

    Fellas. I installed new BDS control arms to go along with my bilstien 6112 front. Now going over drive ways when steering wheel is at full lock , I’m hearing a metal/ Tin kind of noise. Control arms seem to be tight. Any ideas what is scraping ? Thanks in advance
  5. UCA question on ICON vs BDS please.

    Anyone know if these 2 control arms have the same fitment ? Currently have 35x12.5 and wondering if one allows a little more room between the join and tire ? ( Icon Delta joint) On full turn/or when articulating will one allow more clearance ? Hope this make sense ? Any info would be greatly...
  6. Sleep / camp inside truck and turn on alarm ?

    Is there a way to sleep/camp inside cab and turn on alarm ? I believe there is a sensor in truck that will detect movement inside and ring alarm ? Thanks
  7. California Fuel Rebel 6 18x9 W/ 295/70 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

    Selling my black Fuel Rebel 6. They are 18x9 with a +20 offset. Also comes with cooper discoverer at3 XLT in 295/70/18. This combo is about 7 months old less than 5K miles on them. Tires have 95%+ percent left. Absolutely nothing wrong with the combo. Zero off roading. I’m in So cal...
  8. TOYO RT Trail --Any feedback

    Hi Team, I know this is a all new tire, but wondering if anyone has any real world experience yet. ( Noise wise) I believe this is almost the same tire as the Nitto Recon being same company.
  9. Any JB4 Advice for folks who have them?

    I just ordered a JB4 for 2022 ECO . Anyone with installation advice or tips or suggestions? Should i also buy the wireless ? Thanks fellas
  10. Will 35s fit with 2.5 level ?

    I’m sorry to start another thread! Anyone running 35s on a 2.5 level and 18x9 rims with +20 offset ? I’m thinking I will have some rub and scraping. Wondering if anyone is running this. Thanks
  11. Anyone know who makes these running boards ?

    Can’t seem to figure out who makes these ? Thanks
  12. California Falcon Sport/Tow haul 2.5 front shocks

    Selling Falcon sport tow haul front shocks. They are adjustable from stock height to about 2.5 inches of lift at highest. These came off 2021 3.5 ECO. 4x4 These shocks are in great condition , no damage and was on buddies F150 for about 6 months. About 5K miles. ( ford buying his truck back...
  13. Bilstein 5100 only advantage over 6112 is price ?

    besides the price , does the 5100 do anything better then the 6112 ? Because obviously the 6112 is superior off road vs 5100 Does 5100 have any on-road advantages ? thanks
  14. Bilstien 5100 vs Fox 2.0

    Guys for street/highway driving and very little offroad , which one of these would you get with ? The Fox comes with different springs too. I know both will have firmer ride but would one ride little more firmer ? Thanks
  15. Did Falcon sport/haul shocks. Couple pics.

    ]Hey guys. I recently swapped out my 2 in spacer for a Falcon shock set for the front and back. On my 22 157 502A 4x4. I also did new Icon control arms. Also put 2.25 rear block. Ride is pretty darn good. Little bumpy around town but I think maybe my Ridge Graps need to be balanced again...
  16. Anyone know where I can different color bolts for fuel rebel wheels ?

    My rebel wheels are black and the fake bead lock bolts are also black. Where would you by different colors bolts ? Just hardware store ? Thanks
  17. What is fair price for shocks and UCA install ?

    Hey guys. What would you say is fair price for installing front coil overs like a fox and UCA with also rear shocks ? Fair or average I guess. Thanks
  18. Help please! Can a basic Puck Spacer be installed wrong ?

    Just did a 2In spacer and Getting a noise when going over the longer speed bumps . If i go 10MPH or less i get no noise but anything over 15 MPH i hear it. I don't think I'm rubbing anywhere as i put the stock wheels and tires back on to see if that made a difference and it didn't. Still...
  19. California FS; Toyo Open Country RT 295/70/18

    Hey guys. Selling nearly brand new (600) miles Toyo Open country RT in 295/70/18. These are in new condition with no issues. Just going bigger 35s. I’m in So cal 1000
  20. California FS: 18in sport rims w/Goodyear tires.

    Selling the below wheels snd tires off my 2022 F150. They are 18s and come with GY Territory tires. Brand new less even 200 miles on them. They are new condition. I’m in Agoura hills ca 91301. Willing to drive 1 hour away to meet you. $1000