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  1. ⚠️ Recall: Electronic Parking Brake Unintended Activation -- affects 870K F-150 (from 2021-23 model years w/ single exhaust system)

    I checked when this was announced and my truck wasn't included. Today in the FordPass app I have a recall notice and one in the snail mail for this.
  2. Agm battaries

    Depends on the lithium chemistry. LiFePO4 is pretty much as safe as batteries get and in most cases are suitable as "drop in" replacements for lead-acid (if they have a built in BMS). The 4 cell version has a resting 100% charge voltage of 13.6V. Lithium polymer or other Lithium-ion chemistries...
  3. Remove New Car Smell?

    Zombie threads - gotta love 'em
  4. Remove New Car Smell?

    Park in bright sun with the windows open a bit. Windows fully open for a bit when you first start a trip. New car smell gone in a couple of days for free.
  5. Remove New Car Smell?

    THAT would give me an instant headache/ sinus issues.
  6. Can Active Park Assist 2.0 be installed when parts are available?

    I finally got to install the IPMA @Jesse-Infotainment PMI'd for me. The front camera/lane keeping calibration went well but the 360 camera calibration took several tries but I got it done. Tested the park assist in the empty parking lot and it parked just like all the other trucks around here -...
  7. 23 Wireless Charger

    I don't think there is any airflow or at least not enough to make a difference on the backside of the phone on mine. Phone is always excessively warm after any time charging in there. I have a couple of wireless chargers from Samsung that do have fans that do an excellent job keeping the phone...
  8. 23 Wireless Charger

    2023 ordered October 2022, picked up Jan 31, 2023. Info is in the order tracking thread. There may or may not be a fan on the backside of the module but there is no provision for cooling a phone that is charging on the pad.
  9. 23 Wireless Charger

    The wireless charger on my 23 Limited does not have any ventilation or fan. I've though about adding a fan to the cubby. Adding a fan and holes to the charger doesn't seem possible on mine.
  10. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    I'm saying it looks like a database record corruption issue. I would 100% check for that before looking elsewhere. If I was troubleshooting the issue that is where I would start given the information I have. You said you re-upped your FDRS license. Get the OPs VIN and try it yourself. I would...
  11. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    So walking through the thought process that I had to arrive at a database issue is "back peddling" and "disingenuous" Whatever
  12. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    Sure - blow it off as circular logic assuming my assumption of a database issue is the only thing I've considered. I've got 38 years experience in IT systems and databases. I know enough t not say there are no other possibilities until the issue is resolved and the root cause analysis...
  13. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    Well unless someone other than Ford is responsible for the database completely independently from Ford, I'm gonna stick with definitely a Ford Corporate issue.
  14. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    It doesn't but given that it only seems to be affecting one person when the VIN is entered it stands to reason the trouble is with that VIN or something associated with the VIN because it was said to crash immediately and not after trying to access as built or other data. The vehicle history...
  15. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    No, this presumes a database structure that has at least one record that associates a specific VIN with other records - like as built data - and one of the records that they use for VIN lookup with FDRS is corrupt. It is possible/probable that the truck in question is also not having any as...
  16. Pro Power Onboard with Transfer Switch to Power House

    Is the neutral of each circuit in the transfer box still connected to the main box when the transfer switch is on?
  17. Dealer Service Dept Can't Get Truck to Validate VIN

    As an IT guy it sounds like a corrupt record or table in one of the databases that holds Ford's VIN information. Definitely a Ford corporate issue.
  18. Question about Pro Trailer Hitch Assist

    Just a note: The stickers have zero to do with hitch assist. Those are for the backup assist if you don't have a yaw sensor on the trailer.
  19. 2022 Powerboost Platinum died and left me stranded in Moab

    It's not the powerboost HV battery causing diagnostic issues, it is a poorly trained with lack of experience technician pool that is the issue. Blame Ford corporate managers and/or the service department. Anyone who works in a technology field has or will have the experience of a lack of...
  20. Question about Pro Trailer Hitch Assist

    Went to my dealer this morning with my concern. Their technicians had never heard of the hitch assist function and neither had their shop foreman or service manager. I showed the tech the videos from Ford showing the function and then we went out and tried it on a flat bed trailer that happened...