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  1. HVAC controls. Fan speeds not showing

    I’d check 7D0-02-01 and see if “fan repeater” is set to “on”.
  2. 2021+ F-150 Tremor Skid Plate Swap Parts

    I never knew the radar cover things were smooth on the Tremor until this kit came out. Crazy that they aren’t the same, even though it seems both fit. This is a mod I need to do. I have to make my own brackets though, since I have a job 1 truck.
  3. Glove box scratch removing !

    If it’s black, I like to use China markers. Pencil it on and smudge it in with your finger. The scratch is still there but way less noticeable. You can heat the pencil for s as second with a lighter to make it softer (easier to smudge)...
  4. Katzkin- what's the consensus?

    Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t have them on the ‘14 , katskinz didn’t have that option at the time. I do have them in my lariat now. I did just have katskinz put in my Honda civic but didn’t get heated or cooled. The heated option wasnt too bad, but adding cooled was way more than I wanted...
  5. What are these...?

    Is this a used truck? Better weigh is an aftermarket trailer weight device. https://www.curtmfg.com/part/51701 And that cup installs in the console front cubby (against the back wall of it).
  6. Glacier National Park Trip Summary - 22 Powerboost

    lol, got ya. Now I see your conundrum. You can get a soft hook like below and use an existing tailgate bolt or just make a new hole wherever. Or if you want to be fancy, get a folding boat cleat. I use these for my boat and lots of random things around the house. They last forever, and fold out...
  7. Wired up my side vent ambient lighting LED (proper wiring colors inside)

    Man. I may quit my day job and just start making adapters. I didn’t know so many people are scared of wires, lol. It’s funny, I just soldered two pigtails to my neighbors VW headlights so he could easily plug in resistors for led bulbs. Looked very similar to the above. I know that’s not...
  8. Glacier National Park Trip Summary - 22 Powerboost

    Close the tailgate with the key fob.
  9. Adding Forward Sensing System - 2021 King Ranch w/601A

    @Melly Even though I do not mind the close range on the front, I was always curious about the Forscan code: 706-02-01 xx**. It seems that the first * is one value, and the next entry is for both **, which is confusing as they seem to overlap one another. I just wondered about the "low power...
  10. Adding Forward Sensing System - 2021 King Ranch w/601A

    I did all the changes per the original post and then had to go back into forscan easy mode and do this: “Also, my last setting that got it working was a plain English change in the ipma. Something along the lines of either parking aid >front and rear or front park aid > enabled” Also, make...
  11. Possible to disable or disconnect amber markers in factory projector LEDs?

    Yes, I was just saying that the OP had options on the DRLs but beyond that, I am not sure you can get rid of them.
  12. Possible to disable or disconnect amber markers in factory projector LEDs?

    Yea, I haven't looked, but "0 disable" may be the default value for DRL's.
  13. Possible to disable or disconnect amber markers in factory projector LEDs?

    Those are park lamps. I don't really know if you can get rid of them completely, but look at this line in the BCM module. That could possibly remove them when the DRL's are on. DRL_IncludeParklamps_Cfg (DRLIPC) 726-38-01 xxxx xxxx x*--...
  14. 2021 Lariat Leveling

    Removing rear blocks; is free.
  15. 18 Speakers/Head Rest??

    My headrests play well, but the perforated back and butt pads are silent.
  16. Wheel mod thoughts...?

    Do it. Get them powder coated though, not just painted.
  17. 2021-2023 F150 4WD Ford Performance by Bilstein Suspension Kit M-18000-F15B

    I’ve ordered from them many many times over the years. They are a Ford dealership in NY. They always seem to have the best prices, as they probably do a ton of online parts sales. I gave up on Tasca cause everything they say is “in stock”, isn’t; and I’ll pay for two day shipping and 4 days...
  18. DIY In-Bed Mountain Bike Mount

    Nice set up. I think you spent less than the tax I paid on my Ride 88 rack.
  19. Missing Trim on Top of F150

    There is no part that fits there; only the small cover that curves around the back as shown in your picture.