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  1. Shelby F150

    Saw one in the wild today...
  2. Who has smoked their headlights?

    I am curious on who has had them tinted or applied 50% "light smoke" film. Would like to see some reviews, photos and your overall impression opinion regarding light output and looks. Thank you.
  3. My 2022 Agate Black (BAP) 502A Truck AKA Brandon!

    Not really a build per se, just a FEW tasteful mods done to my 22 502A Lariat. This is a 100% tarmac Queen but it gets driven! Note: This list will be updated LIVE as more modifications are done to the truck. Always scan to the latest page/posts for current photos. Thanks for looking...
  4. Track or acceleration times for a crew cab?

    Has anyone taken theirs to the track or have verified Dragy results for the 1/4 mile? Interested in what Screws are doing. What is the expected time? ET/MPH? What did the 13th gens do stock?