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  1. 10/4 Build Week Club

    I was just pushed to 10/6 from 9/26.
  2. 2022 Raptor Order Bank Opens Tomorrow (9/15)?

    Does anybody know if the order banks for MY22 Raptors opens tomorrow (9/15) alongside the other trim levels?
  3. How many times has your build date been updated?

    I ordered on 4/13 and have just received my 7th build date
  4. Options exclusive to Dearborn factory built F-150s?

    It looks like Star White to me. Got a pic of the window sticker?
  5. 9/20 Build Week

    I was just bumped to the 26th from the 17th. Anybody want to bet me $500 my truck doesn't get built in September? Lol
  6. Options exclusive to Dearborn factory built F-150s?

    I'm thinking about canceling my order for my Space White Lariat, making some changes, and resubmitting it as a MY 22 order. Aside from the Powerboost option, what else will guarantee a truck is built in Dearborn? Any particular colors? Hoping I have better luck there than I've had getting a...
  7. F-150 Will Not Be Selected For Scheduling This Week (on 9/9)

    Does that mean that trucks with a build date of next week won't be built next week or does that mean that they simply aren't scheduling anymore builds for next week?
  8. Lariat 500A

    Correct but I was talking about taillights
  9. Lariat 500A

    Lariats don't get LED taillights until you get to 502a package.
  10. Borla Gen14 2021+ F-150 5.0L exhausts coming soon - sound clips

    Looks like Borla will be releasing exhausts for the 5.0 mid-september. I'll be picking up an S-Type when they're available
  11. 8/18/21 Order Preview

    Thanks for the update, good info
  12. Ford’s Vehicle Order Tracker updated how often?

    I've been wondering this as well. Since I tend to check it at least once daily, it's probably only updated on a weekly basis lol.
  13. 09/06 Build Week

    I'm in the 9/6 club according to my dealer. No window sticker available yet. It was previously 8/2 and before that 6/14 Space White 501a ordered on 4/13
  14. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Andy from Ohio here. I ordered my Space White Lariat in April. I've been patiently waiting and checking the tracker here daily for any kind of update so I thought I'd finally join instead of just lurking.