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  1. F150 Ford Tough - Koons Woodbridge Ford Offering Up To 5% Below Invoice

    What's the lowest interest rate your internal financing company has? Obviously it for well qualified buyers.
  2. New tailgate letters/ removed FX4 decals

    I'm having my dealership remove my 4x4 decals. What is the point to them? And your pics are proof that the truck looks better without them. On a side note, love that your garage needed a sign that read "Man Cave enter at your own risk".
  3. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Just checked with FP, aaaaaannnnnnndddddddd still unscheduled clean.
  4. Lightning On Tour

    There is not much to this set up. You arrive and they guide you to the track. You take the ride. It's all very organized. When I arrived, there were 4 trucks making their way along the track. When I got up to the front, they pulled one. Afterwards, there's a tent that had the chassis...
  5. Lightning On Tour

    When I asked beforehand, I was told that the reservation was for one. When I got there, families were going on the ride. So yes, bring your +1. It kinda pissed me off. I wanted to bring my husband. But, I will say this, the demo ride is not a smooth one. By design that track is meant to...
  6. Lightning On Tour

    OH! There was one piece of information that was different than what we have been seeing before. A question came up regarding the extended battery range and if that was with a paylo---. The Ford employee interrupted before the word "payload" was completed, and said that the 300 miles is...
  7. Lightning On Tour

    The Ford employees working outside did not wear them. In the truck they did. Most of the people attending the event did. I'm proud of my fellow Northern Californians!
  8. Lightning On Tour

    I arrived right at the end of the night. So I had to be fast with the questions. Most of questions that haven't been asked before had "We don't know at this time" as the answer. The one thing that struck me was the definitive way that he answered the question on how they are going through the...
  9. Lightning On Tour

    I'm off to the San Francisco show in about 12 minutes for a 6PM appt.
  10. Potential future EV credit changes [NO POLITICS]

    I am nearly 100% in agreement with you. There are many times I need to pull over and take a nap. Those seats are what's drawing me to the Platinum. My first truck in over 20 years is chosen for my comfort, but the rebate is calling to me. I guess it's just a wait and see.
  11. Changing color of truck on screen and cluster

    That's awesome. My dad was like that. The only thing he wanted was power steering. I on the other hand like all the bells, whistles, flashy bits, etc. My first truck in 20 years is going to be a Platinum (as soon as it gets a VIN) precisely because of the add-ons. I like when I receive a...
  12. Changing color of truck on screen and cluster

    I totally get this. On the grand scheme of things, it is rather small. But in terms of enjoyment of your vehicle, I get it. Most of us probably wanted a specific color when we selected our truck. Ultimately, that choice in the grand scheme doesn't affect the truck's functionality, and yet...
  13. August 5th Email = Early Reservation Holders?

    I received it, and I placed my reservation the night before the 120k reservation milestone announcement.
  14. F150 Lightning Tour Invite

    I can get to the registration form, but it won't let me select my current vehicle. So I can't proceed. I will continue trying.
  15. King Ranch vs Platinum

    I knew I wasn't hallucinating when I switched from the KR to the Pt due to cost less and no massaging seats. Even my dealer thought that was weird. But then upon further review, when others said they had it, I see that it is available. I probably won't switch back. I do like the Carmelo...
  16. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    Call them up and see if they will honor Xplan pricing. (They ain’t required to, but a lot do.). See if you qualify. If not you can sign up for the Mustang Club and receive qualification after 90 days.
  17. King Ranch vs Platinum

    <off topic> That's a very smooth way of putting that.