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  1. Camera Speed Limit Delete

    Think he is referring to the 360 camera package.
  2. What XLT package includes the rain sensing wipers?

    I have 302A, the tow technology package, and Co-pilot 360
  3. What XLT package includes the rain sensing wipers?

    Can someone tell me what XLT package includes the rain sensing wipers? I was just going through the menus on my new truck and I have the option to turn them on...I didn't even know I had them. They aren't an option on my window sticker and I guess I never noticed them as a feature in the...
  4. Picked up my Lariat from Granger!

    LOL....kinda miss seeing updates from everyone that had this build week.
  5. 3% under invoice @ Chapman of Horsham

    For anyone interested, I have received several quotes from Tom and placed an F150 order through him as well. He's a straight up guy and I can't say enough about my experiences with him. I will be ordering my new Bronco from him when I'm ready.
  6. Picked up my Lariat from Granger!

    Truck looks amazing...enjoy!!
  7. Add the tailgate step/workstation??

    I didn't have the step on my 18 and regretted it. It was a must on my 21.
  8. 2WD vs 4WD, did I make a mistake?

    You need to experience a Cleveland winter in a 2wd truck as your daily driver and you will understand. =)
  9. what did you pay for your 2021 F150?

    XLT Sport MSRP: 51,225 Paid: 41,600 plus tax (Price includes X-Plan price & 6,000 of incentives)
  10. 6/21 build week thread

    Picked up truck today...feel pretty lucky. Ordered 5/1 Vin# 5/6 Built 6/22 Delivered to Dealer 6/28
  11. 6/21 build week thread

    I bet you get it very soon. Mine was built 6/22 and original ETA was 7/2 then changed to 7/26 which the tracker still says but according to the palsapp it was delivered to my dealer today.
  12. 6/21 build week thread

    Well according to my truck was dispatched for shipping today, so it looks like it won't be long. Trip # Origin Destination Destination Name Freight Bill # VIN Status 0111179024 Dearborn Truck Plant KENT, OH KLABEN FORD 0111509517 1FTEX1EPXMFB92379 Dispatched on Jun 28 2021
  13. 6/21 build week thread

    Yes Dearbron. I don't have any special options, not sure why it is being held up. My dealer called me Friday and said truck is ready just waiting on shipping. Not really all that big of deal provided it comes then, it's just odd being so close and all.
  14. 6/21 build week thread

    So my truck was built on the 22nd and is awaiting shipping since then. I'm only 3 hours from the plant and my original ETA last week was 7/2 but a day later it was changed to 7/26. I just checked and my dealer has 9 trucks ordered and all have a blend dates withing the next two weeks. I'm now...
  15. 6/21 build week thread

    Grats Man! Awesome looking Rig.
  16. 6/21 build week thread

    Hmmmm....the Gen14 tracker just changed my ETA end date from 7/2 to 7/26. The ford tracker and Mach E tracker both still say 7/2.
  17. 6/21 build week thread

    Awesome News! Grats.
  18. 6/21 build week thread

    I think my truck is blend date was 6/22 and Ford Tracker hasn't updated but the Gen14 tracker says it's waiting shipment and ETA to dealer is 7/2.