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  1. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    Yep, mine loose too. Not enough to come out I think, but definitely not seated all the way.
  2. Trailer brake not working

    For those of you who have researched this, how wide spread of a problem does it seem to be? I know we are still early in the release time frame with a new model year, but there has to be tens of thousands of these trucks out there already. I guess it's the old internet adage of you hear mostly...
  3. Help me configure my perfect build!

    +1 on the 360. Wasn't sure I needed/wanted it, now don't know how I lived without it.
  4. Trailer brake not working

    You disconnected the battery in the truck itself, correct? I was trying to reason out if the battery on board the trailer sent any power to the brake system or are they all separate circuits fed by the truck.
  5. Who actually uses a weight distributing hitch?

    Here's the guide I was referring to.
  6. Who actually uses a weight distributing hitch?

    Thanks for the info. There are a few different TTs we are considering and all are coming in around 500 plus or minus. One thing I have learned in researching is that the tongue weights posted by the manufacturer are, shall we say, optimistic. That's why I want the safety margin.
  7. Who actually uses a weight distributing hitch?

    So, looking at page 7 of the towing guide, am I correct in reading the max tongue weight load without a WD is 500lbs? The trailer I'm planning on towing is about 480lbs tongue weight. My assumption is that a WD would be in order to bump up the max tongue weight to 1400lbs to give me a safety...
  8. Powerboost 7.2kW Towing Travel Trailer - First hookup and test results

    Been lurking this thread for info also as the OP is doing almost exactly what we plan to do, even the Grand Design trailer (except we're hunting an MKE). Hopefully I can add to the knowledge base soon.
  9. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Jim here, checking in from Maryland. Joining the club with a black PowerBoost Sport after trading in a Tacoma. Looking forward to using that portable power station with an RV. You all were a great source of info in my search, and are responsible for several hundred dollars in "That's cool! I...