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  1. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    I’m certain over 90% of mine needed seated. I have had 0 problems, but I have often wondered if many of the issues brought up in this forum were caused by “unseated fuses”. I was lucky to run across the recommendation in some other threads. Was sure I didn’t have the problem, till I checked...
  2. Towing question....

    I held out till just over 900 miles, I try to follow the manual. My boat is only 3500 but is a pontoon, so frontal area. Only 25 miles to the lake and I am a grandpa and only went about 50. Country roads pretty much, no real traffic. I was really impressed with the Tow/Haul Mode. My old truck...
  3. 2021 Ford Tremor Driving Review - Trail Turn Assist, Off-Road Camera, Mud/Ruts mode

    Had a couple questions from your video. Do the forward cameras work like that on all F1-50s in Mud & Rut mode or just the Tremor? Second, is there a speed limit for when the "forward guides" work? Also, thanks for the video!
  4. Your iOS FordPass app working?

    Ok, I do seem to be working just fine. My overnight schedule turned on and off alright. I had added a schedule yesterday evening to turn on this morning, and it has. I did notice that the Ford Pass app had updated itself yesterday, but is 3.29.0 (I have apps auto update on my phone, so I don't...
  5. Your iOS FordPass app working?

    Just added a schedule to turn on at 4:50p today. No problem setting it, will let you know if it turns on. Well, it did not appear to come on at 4:50, but that was a really short notice. It did allow me to turn it on though and shows that it is on. I closed and reopened the app. Still showed on...
  6. Your iOS FordPass app working?

    It did take me to the screen to edit my current schedule and the screen to make a new one. Although, not wanting to make myself problems, I did not change or add anything.
  7. Your iOS FordPass app working?

    I'm still working fine. Just did a refresh and all data is there and correct. Have had securialert scheduled for several weeks, turned on last night (I checked) like it was supposed to. Turned off this morning. Have 3.29.0 as well.
  8. Hints-tips-tricks for Gen 14

    Yeah, this one I'm not liking so much. Probably a good safety feature, but for decades I have backed with the door open when hooking up to trailers. I make a mental mark on the ground, knowing I need to back x inches to get hooked up. Have the cameras now, but not used to them yet.
  9. Your iOS FordPass app working?

    Sorry, mine is working fine. Started the truck and unlocked it when I was coming back to it from walking/swimming the dog about an hour ago. Just went back in to check and it seems to be working fine. Current and accurate vehicle information.
  10. How Do I Stop All The Automated Lighting?

    Pretty certain you can turn it off in the settings, but I can’t check exactly where at the moment.
  11. "Old to New"- What did you drive before purchasing

    2002 Lariat Super Cab FX4. Hated those suicide rear doors! Served me well though. I got it in 2007. Lots of hunting and fishing trips. Rusting really badly now, AC has been out for 3 summers (thought I would have the new one last spring- ordered in February). Needs front brakes, tires, power...
  12. Help me configure my perfect build!

    I struggled with this, but the Lariat 500a added; the digital instrument cluster (which I love), 4A (which I think I will love - have it on my wife's Explorer), power folding mirrors (which I do use on occasion traveling off-road when hunting, logging roads) and leather, also includes the...
  13. Towing Specs Consolidated Document - Bumper vs. Class IV vs. Tow vs. Max Tow - UPDATED DOC v4

    I can verify, maybe, that it has to be AT LEAST 3401 lbs for the heavier stabilizer bar. I have "Rear GAWR 3400 lbs" on the door sticker and have the 25.4 mm. 500a w/ only a 2.7EB, FX4, and Tow Tech. Fortunately, my boat and trailer are under 3500 lbs soaking wet. It's a pontoon so some frontal...
  14. 4/26 Build Week

    I've not had any issues, but decided I should check. DANG! I believe that I set every single fuse in there. Probably would have been bouncing along logging roads in Michigan this fall, bounce one out. Not a good day! THANKS ScottBB for the heads up. I never would have even thought to check...
  15. Extended Service Plans ESPs

    Thanks for getting back. I wouldn’t do anything to wild, bambi and temps on gauges are the only two. But, I can live without them.
  16. Help! What's your measured actual tire height on 18" factory wheel with AT tires with 275 65 18

    I may be "full of it" , but wouldn't the tire diameter/height inches be at least slightly different if it didn't have the weight of the truck on them? I'd assumed that the tire manufacturers and dealers list an unloaded diameter.
  17. Extended Service Plans ESPs

    I apologize if this has been covered. I have read through all the posts, but it was over a couple days and I don't recall it being mentioned. I have never gotten an ESP and would have used it only once I think in 50+ years of driving. But, I am a bit anxious about the LEDs and all the computer...
  18. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    I can confirm my Lariat 500A with: Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 and the Tow Tech Package (includes 360 Camera) has the front sensors and the rain sensing wipers. Sorry for most of you on the thread, but they are both really nice. Feeling like I got lucky with my build.
  19. Terrible fuel efficiency or is my truck defective??

    Don't know if it's luck of the draw or what but this is my second tank of gas, from about 450 to 850 miles on the odo. Lariat 500a, 2.7, FX4, 3.55, Tow Tech, 1596 payload, so not too loaded. Have only driven in normal mode so far. Did punch it once, impressive. 87 octane. I am retired and...