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  1. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    my fuses were not seated also.
  2. Live Traffic Updates on Navigation

    Please share what you figured out.
  3. What color is your Lariat interior?

    Lariat 502a Carbonized Grey black interior
  4. Switch on tow mirror

    RedTXV, thank you so much. I searched but could not find anything.
  5. Switch on tow mirror

    Any idea what this is? Only on passenger side tow mirror. Too lazy to research it.
  6. E Rated tire? or overkill?

    Had a 2015 f150 max tow and 3.5 eco. 18inch wheels. Replaced p with e. the e air up to 80psi , if you did that , you would feel like Fred flintstone did. I would air up to 65psi and the ride quality suffered.When not towing drop to 40psi. E gives much stiffer ride all the time. So if you are not...
  7. 2021 F150 with Max Tow receiver height

    Lariat max tow with 20 inch wheels and 3.5 eco. 22 inches
  8. Anyone receive Bestop Tailgate Step yet?

    Ordered directly from AMP web site. Now noticed coming soon banner. Try calling to order.
  9. Anyone receive Bestop Tailgate Step yet?

    received my amp bed step yesterday. The install was a little difficult as the direction were not clear. I had this step on my 2015 and found it very use full. The functonality is the same as my 2015. Part number is AMP75328-01A . Waited since March 20 for the step to arrive. They had to...
  10. PowerBoost Badge For Tailgate. How's It Look?

    Just my two cents, I think it detracts from an otherwise clean rear.
  11. Anyone know where Find and how Remove Remove Kahu Vehicle Tracker?

    reply to I took this from another forum. I do not have nor want this in my truck. They state it is in the kick panel.
  12. Bumper Step

    Good News! AMP Research has developed a bumper step for the 2021 F150 AMP75328-01A
  13. Bumper Step

    I called AMP , the 2021 F150 has a changed the hitch configuration. The rep stated the bumper step has to be retooled. He did not give a time frame. So the bumper step from previous f150 will not work. I have this step on my current 2015 f150 and use it all the time.