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  1. F-150 Lightning ordering (order bank open) not until April 2022 ?

    I hope he meant based on time stamp, not based on what he had for lunch.
  2. F-150 Lightning Pre-Production Officially Begins at Ford's Rouge EV Center After 150k Reservations!

    I have a feeling battery shortage will not impact Pro production. It’s powertrain is designed to ensure it can meet the price target and it is immune to battery supply fluctuation. Here is a Ford Employee with additional load testing the range: we only have a reservation. We are not...
  3. Atlas Blue F-150 Lightning Pics From Irvine Spectrum, CA

    If you are checking it out in person on 20th, can you measure the door to door distance for the back seat floor? I am trying to see how short one has to be to be able to sleep back there with the seat up. Anyone already know this?
  4. Potential future EV credit changes [NO POLITICS]

    They may raise the price on lower trims and lower them on higher trims. That may make me drop out since I am currently at the bottom (base pro)
  5. Potential future EV credit changes [NO POLITICS]

    Especially if you are in line for Lightening since it puts both Cybertruck and Rivian at a disadvantage. I wonder if this encourages Ford to raise their prices in an attempt to pull some of that incentive money out of our pockets and put it into Ford’s profit margine.
  6. do i need bigger battery upgrade if only using 1 or twice a year of long road trips?

    Don't forget about the charging network. It adds a bit to the risk.
  7. do i need bigger battery upgrade if only using 1 or twice a year of long road trips?

    You may even be able to extend that time when battery energy density and price improves by upgrading your battery.
  8. do i need bigger battery upgrade if only using 1 or twice a year of long road trips?

    R1T is smaller than F150 and it is around 7000 Ib. I don't expect Lightning to be much lower than that. Similar ICE Ram or Silverado is around 5000 Ib. That is a significant weight difference to me.
  9. do i need bigger battery upgrade if only using 1 or twice a year of long road trips?

    One thing to keep in mind is that the truck with standard battery will be ridiculously heavy, with ER, it would be worse. Many disadvantages including added stress on tires. Any EV you buy now will look like a bad choice three years from now looking at how much better the new EVs are. The...
  10. Motortrend Rivian R1T First Drive

    I feel the same. Even though my old front wheel drive sedan got me through some rough stuff without missing a beat, my wife's outback is our go to vehicle in winter. With EVs things may be a bit different than a traditional 4x4, especially with Rivian with a motor at each wheel. Shift in...
  11. Ford F-150 Lightning realistic delivery dates

    Volume is volume regardless of who buys it. They expect to make up the difference by selling fleet services which an average Joe like me wouldn't be interested in. Once the software and infrastructure is up and running, it is free money rolling in from fleet sales which makes me wonder why the...
  12. The Major Problem With EVs No One Is Talking About

    May be not as much to worry about now but once we are at level 5. Chinese or Russians hacking to over the air updates for Tesla, Ford and GM ten years from now will not need nukes anymore because they will have an army of +3,000 lb robots across the country that can run over people and into...
  13. Dealers not charging deposits

    That is correct. GM put it in writing that there will be absolutely no mark up and spelled out all the fees they will charge as I requested. I did send emails to three General managers at three dealerships whose locations were convenient and had acceptable reviews. That way I had their...
  14. Dealers not charging deposits

    My dealer told me they will have $10K-$15K markup and I shopped and switched to a new one. It is possible that the person was uninformed and Ford does not allow them to have a markup but I didn’t want to do my dealer shopping at order time. Switching was easy and you are supposed to get your...
  15. Lightning Efficiency - MPGe?

    Does anyone know what MPGe for Lightning is? Rivian just published theirs. This is with road tires. You will have 5%-15% hit with other options. I will be happy if we get similar numbers. I don’t expect better. If we don’t have any numbers from Ford, what is your best guess of what we will get?
  16. Who will have the first delivery, Lightning or Cybertruck?

    Rivian, Lightning, CT. Cybertruck has major unknowns. 8000 Ib Giga cast is the first of it’s kind and has never been tried before, exoskeleton design is new, it depends on 4680 that as of now has major issues. Small stuff like electronic rear view mirror and side mirror may have regulatory...
  17. Ford Will Build 15K Lightning in 2022, 80K+/yr by 2024

    Rivian started earlier and even if they have one more delay, they will still be out before everyone else but I don’t think R1T going after F150 customers. I think of it more as a Jeep competitor. At this point you can’t get a Rivian at $40K which is the big edge Ford has. But Rivian is a real...
  18. What Questions Do You Have? (I'm attending the Event tomorrow.)

    Thanks a bunch for sharing the info. What is your impression of the difference between them? Do you know if any of them had a smaller battery pack? If yes did you notice any difference? Anything you saw or experience that didn’t like? I made the reservation at the end of the reveal and got...
  19. What Questions Do You Have? (I'm attending the Event tomorrow.)

    Is Pro bed come sprayed standard? Or it is bare with a liner as option? Would there be an issue if I replace 12V battery with Lithium Ion?
  20. F-150 Lightning Pro Walkaround and Test Ride video

    Does anyone know what the bed looks like in Pro? It looks like it is sprayed in this video but I can not tell for sure. Is that usually an option for work trucks?