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  1. I leveled my 2021 F-150 Tremor

    Much much better, looks great . Mind posting clearance to bottom of fenders from the floor ? Thanks
  2. Tremor real spare

    Looking under the truck , it appears we have 5 of the same wheels and tires . The spare is not balanced, and likely no tpms. On my Raptor, I balanced the spare and added tpms and did a 5 tire rotation. Planning on the same with the Tremor.
  3. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Some of the stickers are facing forward on the rear shocks. Mine are .
  4. Tremor Rake - We All See It

    Measured mine with 3/4 tank of fuel sitting on level garage . It is almost 4.25” higher in the back measured from floor to top of wheel well . Likely add some Fox shocks to front to bring it up . Don’t mind some rake as I tow .
  5. Tremor Picked Up

    As requested, here is a picture of the rear shock . It does have a Tremor sticker facing forward . To dark for that pic .
  6. Tremor Picked Up

    I was expecting more for the increase in price of the B&O. Yes I like to play music loud at times . The surround is nice , other than that it’s not much better than the regular B&O in my 2020 Raptor . The Bose in the AT4 is better bass and quite a bit louder . I was very impressed with the...
  7. Tremor Picked Up

    I have had a Tremor on order still sitting clean unscheduled. Ended up finding a truck local that was delivered last night . Picked up tonight . So far driving 100 miles I am very impressed. The ride and quietness are the best trait . The B&O unleashed is the biggest disappointment. 20.8...