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  1. 10 speed transmission issue

    Yeah. 10th post on this thread. If there is another where this is rampant, I missed it. 🤷‍♂️ Just saying. I don't notice shifting. Very smooth. No complaints.
  2. The End of Range Anxiety is in Sight

    Basically, has been the same for decades. :rolleyes:
  3. 10 speed transmission issue

    Really? Everyone? Hmmm
  4. The End of Range Anxiety is in Sight

    Also, this only takes into account roads and cars. The grid is a whole other discussion.
  5. Attempted Ford Pass Hack

    Not really a hack. But, certainly social engineering. Seems like the app allows you to request/ give access to someone. But, where? I can't find it.
  6. 2KW Pro Power (3.5L EB) - Constant error messages. Pro Power not able to be used in generator mode at ALL.

    No, you aren't misunderstanding it. Lazy ass dealer. They can certainly update it. But, with that answer from them, I'd have asked to see a document saying an update would fix it. Of course, they can't. Either way, would have made them update it and show me it was fixed.
  7. I still can't believe how game changing this is (Off Grid Camping)

    You said it while putting it off as nothing. 'and obviously not having to transport a seperate generator'
  8. Running generator all night? Safe? Gas consumption?

    Thanks Eric. To say I was impressed is certainly an understatement!
  9. North Carolina Truck has Towing Tech package, came with PTBA sensor, but shows System is not available

    Check all of your under hood fuses. Another thread about them not fully seated. Might luck into something there.
  10. Stronger Wifi Encryption

    I believe WPA3 is a hardware update. Not just software.
  11. Mystery Connector in front Emblem

    Funny, my screen shows your post without edit, but my quote picked it up.
  12. Mystery Connector in front Emblem

    When you use your windshield washer
  13. Mystery Connector in front Emblem

    Camera washer when you use your windshield washer.
  14. Reverse braking assist inoperative

    For those that had it start with a door open, go into the menu and turn it off then back on. Worked for me.
  15. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    I have never checked that before. But, depending on the duck, you might need to push in. Just saying.
  16. Proximity sensing

    I have never had it without the key. But, with the key, it does some clicking. But, what is that doing. Not unlocking the door or anything.
  17. PSA: Check your fuses for full seating!

    Just checked. Nearly all of mine took a push. Crazy. Now, I'll start having issues :ROFLMAO:
  18. Powerboost Overheated while Towing

    And, I hate seeing the title. Because, well ... it didn't overheat :)
  19. Upfitter Switches - they are on the tremor, I want to add them!

    Are these the overhead switches? Might be easier to just add new ones to the lower left or right dash near your knee.
  20. Driver Side Rear Pillar Vent?

    Are you sure it isn’t under the rear passenger seat? I think that is where your inverter is.