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  1. Rubberized Undercoating

    Please read through the thread as it describes my PowerBoost being undercoated. No issues what so ever including on a 2,400 mile road trip to FL and back in June during 90 - 100 degree temps. My PowerBoost ran about same temperatures as my EcoBoost and 5.0.
  2. Rubberized Undercoating

    1. What product was applied to the external parts of your undercarriage? Line-X Undercoating ($199). This includes a multi-product discount because I got Line-X Premium bedliner, Line-X undercoating, PPF, ceramic tint and paint protection. Wife's Escape has all but bedliner. 2. Is the texture...
  3. This truck has a mind of it's own!

    I have had most of the issues mentioned, however, as the previous posted suggest, make profiles AND attach to a key fob. I had to do this since my wife and I have our settings very different and are both in the truck regularly with our key fobs. Now since we both have profiles haven't had issues.
  4. "Old to New"- What did you drive before purchasing

    Old (traded) - 2018 Lariat 5.0 New - 2021 KR PowerBoost
  5. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    I was emailing with them last week and as many here have speculated the public beta program is not ready yet. Here is an excerpt from my email. "At this point we have not released the BlueCruise software. We are capturing interest and enrollments into BlueCruise early access from our Ford...
  6. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    The messaging seats for my wife and I. We took an 1150 mile trip in two days and back. My wife used them all day long and I did in the last few hundred miles each day. Didn't expect them to make a difference but they do. The auto deploy of the running boards so when I open the door I don't...
  7. King Ranch vs Platinum

    I think they are more comfortable in the KR with all the adjustments. Having 3 separate lumbar to adjust along with the top of the seat and headrest is great. I also feel like the bottom of the seat has better bolstering on the edges and front. I am 6' 3" - 250lbs, wife is 5' 4" and less...
  8. King Ranch vs Platinum

    Lariat does not have messaging seats, which is why I went back to KR this time.
  9. King Ranch vs Platinum

    4 weeks after getting my 2021, my wife and I took a trip to FL and used both the Max Recline and Messaging Seats. The Max Recline is truly a flat surface vs regular seats. There is a big difference and if you need to lay back and relax then Max Recline is worth it.
  10. King Ranch vs Platinum

    I have a KR with Messaging Seats and Max Recline seats.
  11. King Ranch vs Platinum

    It is the chrome delete on the Platinum after purchase which will be a significant cost. Then, as one person said, it really is about the interior color you want. Do you only want one of the Platinum interior colors (Black or Carmelo)? If no, then if you like the KR interior and even like the...
  12. forscan – solving problems … your favorite remedies? is there a DIY for Forscan and the F-150 Hybrid?

    Visit the 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet forum and use Livinitup's spreadsheet to accomplish 1 & 2, which many of us have done. 4 - 7 are not possible yet with Forscan.
  13. Poor Homelink Range

    I had this issue with my 2018 for a few weeks until the garage door retailer asked if I had LED bulbs in the garage. Some interfere with the frequency. I changed back to incandescent bulbs and haven't had the issue with any vehicle since. I have always programmed my vehicles in the garage. I...
  14. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    It is a Thule T2 Classic with a locking hitch bolt and the arms both lock (lock inserts were extra). Yes, if you remove the pin the hitch will go down to 45 degrees and I can open the tailgate (without bikes on the hitch). Thule T2 Classic | Thule | USA
  15. 360 camera without front parking sensors

    I use the front camera every time I park in my garage because I have to be less than 6" from the wall so my truck fits in the garage. The sensors only warn of proximity versus with the 360 cameras I can see how close I am to the parking spot lines, car, or pole in front of me.
  16. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Went for a bike ride.
  17. Received invite for Early Access to BlueCruise update

    I enrolled and received the invitation to Blue Cruise but have not received the download. It's been a week.
  18. Rubberized Undercoating

    I got my Premium liner for $650, Undercoat for $189, Truxedo Pro X-15 for $560, and windows tinted with ceramic for $460 (including sides, rears, & twin-panels). They also did my PPF, but don't have the price on hand now. I have never had to touch up the undercoating.
  19. Rubberized Undercoating

    I keep them three years and they looked the same when I traded. No repeat of application and I regularly wash through a carwash with underbody spraying because of the winters here. I actually have seen my last two trucks at the dealer and the one 2015 and 2018 still look as good as when I had...
  20. Live Traffic Updates on Navigation

    I do not pay for the hotspot and it worked for me as soon as I registered the F150 in FordPass and it showed the connectivity. You also get the weather map feature in Navigation.