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  1. Intelligent Cruise Control and Lane Keeping experience on a 2500 mile trip

    Thanks for posting this. I was just going to post something very very similar after a long trip I took. All of your points are exactly correct but the system is still wonderful and I am glad I have it. Of course it’s not going to be perfect but if it works effectively to keep people in the game...
  2. Brake booster recall announced for 2021 F-150

    Mine is the same as all of yours. I am not in the recall date range, but if the radio is off and the windows are rolled up, I get that clicking/rubbing noise in the pedal as I depress it. I guess it's a good thing I usually have the radio on!:ROFLMAO:
  3. Trying to find the light at the end of my tonneau search

    I went with this quad fold hard cover from "China" The cover seems very sturdy and i installed it by myself in about 30 minutes. So far I have had no problem with the opening/closing of my tailgate. The cover was under $500 and will get its first long trip test next week. I...
  4. 2021 F-150 CoPilot 360 hack for completely hands free driving

    I like using that opening at 6 o'clock for my hand so that would not be good for me. I will be taking a 10 hour road trip in about a week which will be my first trip since getting my truck. I plan to set up the socket hack for the trip. I will report back. Thanks to everyone who is working...
  5. 19 year old and a parking garage bollard = $8K in damages

    My old man is a TV repairman. He has an AWESOME set of tools! LOL....Sorry....Too Soon? This insurance is for....Or cash
  6. Must haves when you bought your truck

    4x4, Power Moon-roof, leather, console, 20' Wheels, Lariat, Nav, Power mirrors
  7. 5/24 Build Week

    I'm still not holding my breath but i am much more confident now than I was a week ago!
  8. 5/24 Build Week

    This was just now on the tracker....may be good news?
  9. 5/24 Build Week

    Ordered 4/12, Build date assigned of 5/19, Dearborn, '21 Lariat Crew, 5.5 bed,moonroof, 4x4 Blend date of 5/20/21. Dealer doesnt have a clue if it is on schedule or if there are plant shutdowns/delays.....either they are lying or they are in the dark too. Either way, the F-150 situation is not good
  10. Ford Extends F-150 Production Suspension at Kansas City Plant

    To further my previous comment regarding my dealer having zero knowledge of the plant shutdowns, I went to the dealership yesterday. When I found that my sales rep was off, another rep let me speak to the sales manager. When I showed him the article from this feed, he acted as if there was...
  11. Ford Extends F-150 Production Suspension at Kansas City Plant

    I just sent him the article attached to this message board. We will see how he responds if he even responds.
  12. Ford Extends F-150 Production Suspension at Kansas City Plant

    I just called my sales rep at the dealer in which I ordered my new F-150. I told him what I read on this blog, and he said there was NO delay on F-150 production. I guess the sales reps arent privy to the real story.