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  1. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    I would expect that the Oil Life calculations would reflect your heavier workload. I know you change it on strict mileage, but what is the truck recommending?
  2. I still can't believe how game changing this is (Off Grid Camping)

    Quieter, integrated into truck, less expensive are all nice features to have.
  3. Ford Hires Doug Field, Former Head of Apple's Car Project and Executive at Tesla

    I think he will reinforce the notion that automobiles can be systems that are refined over time. Ford has set itself up for this model with the SYNC4 system and it’s OTA updates. I believe bringing in Doug shows Ford’s commitment to this new business model by building a leadership team that...
  4. King Ranch vs Platinum

    To me, the Platinum seats feel better than either the King Ranch or Limited. All three seem to have different bolstering and foam types.
  5. Ford Bed Ramp Kit fitment on a 2021 F150 with work surface tail gate

    Looks like they are a couple of inches too long to stow in a 5’7” bed though.
  6. "Old to New"- What did you drive before purchasing

    I went from an ‘02 F-250 Powerstroke to my ‘21 F-150 Powerboost. 19 years and 362k+ miles on the ‘02 - I plan on getting 20 years out of the Powerboost. Notice how the F-150 is taller, bigger (minus bed length) than the F-250. Still blows my mind.
  7. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    I have a 20 year history with this dealership. They have been straight up with me through the years. They are human, they have made a mistake on occasion, but they have done the right thing when something had come up.
  8. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    This is the dealership, not an independent shop.
  9. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    I do all my service at the dealership I bought the truck from. If there is an issue, it’s between them and Ford in my mind. But I see no mention of a flush additive on the paperwork from my service - only the oil and fuel conditioners. Maybe the flush is just a process with no chemicals…
  10. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    The flush is something they add to the oil prior to the oil change, run the engine for a period of time, then drain it. It is supposed to help clear out any residual buildup. The conditioner they add to the new oil when they add it to the engine. They claim that both together help prevent...
  11. Regenerative braking differences based on drive mode

    I continue to be impressed with the nuances in the engine and drivetrain management software in these trucks. While on my commute to work, I was in “Slippery” mode due to rain. I just happen to notice that the regenerative braking gets limited, I assume to limit slipping on wet surfaces. It...
  12. Ford Bed Ramp Kit fitment on a 2021 F150 with work surface tail gate

    I love how they say “not for use with tonneau cover” in the notes, and the picture literally has them in a bed with a tonneau cover on it…
  13. 2021 Agate Black Platinum Chrome Delete

    I wish the Platinum came with a chrome delete, but it does not. I mainly wanted the Platinum-specific seats. They are different from Lariat, King Ranch or Limited, and I preferred the shape and feel over all the other ones. But that meant getting all the chrome…
  14. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    For context, I buy and keep my vehicles a long time. I owned my previous F-250 for 19 years and 362k miles. I plan on keeping my Powerboost for 20 years as well. The engine management in the ‘21 is all new to me, but as a technology worker, I also believe the engineers do try to get it right. I...
  15. PowerBoost rough charging idle.

    Well, I don’t think there’s anything special about 225° other than they had to pick a number to start / stop the temperature display on.
  16. PowerBoost rough charging idle.

    FYI, on the digital dash the engine temperature is shown when it is >= 226º. I have seen it pop up when pulling my travel trailer over a mountain pass. I did not see temperatures on the transmission gauge, so I don’t know on that one.
  17. Going power-boost over super duty here’s why

    I was a die hard 7.3 Powerstroke guy as well. Sold it at 362k miles and got my Powerboost.
  18. Any update on a Trailer TMPS system?

    Has anyone heard anything on if or when a trailer TPMS system will be available for the ‘21 F-150?
  19. Received software OTA 7/27/21 over night and experience today

    I fear this will become what “Safari feels faster” became for Mac OS! 🤣
  20. New RV Trailer for EVs Extends Range & a Bonus Power Wall

    That is changing. My Lance has an whole-trailer automation system installed; Airstreams offer a similar product. Mine controls lights, stabilizers, slides, awnings, water heater, HVAC, etc. It also monitors batteries, water and waste tanks, etc. Tankless water heaters, more sophisticated heat...