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  1. Underneath pics of new Tremor on dealer lot

    Antimatter Blue, Love the color.
  2. Antimatter Blue 2021 F150 Tremor at Crandon World Championships

    Yes, Would like to see the Antimatter Blue available on the sport packages for the XLT/ Lariat for 2022
  3. Tremor decal on the side of the box

    Those who have a Tremor or one on order, Who will keep the Tremor decal on the side of the box or delete it ?
  4. Antimatter Blue 2021 F150 Tremor at Crandon World Championships

    Let's hope it happens for the 2022 model year.
  5. First oil change?

    You use to be able to buy a magnet that went on the outside of the filter called FILTER MAG . It goes buy the diameter of the filter.
  6. AFE Rebel Hater Pipes

    I remember back in 1997 Ford had the exhaust exit the side in front of the rear wheel like that on all F150's it was the only year they did it because the exhaust made the chrome hub cap covering the lug nuts turned green.
  7. Will have access to F-150 Lightning and some Product Experts. Questions?

    Right now there is not enough infrastructure (charging stations) out there for electric vehicles , So the 300 mile range is really 150 because if you travel 150 miles and there is now where to charge up you EV up ahead than you'll need the other 150 to get back home.
  8. Market Pricing

    Found a Ford dealer in lower Michigan that is adding $2000 to the MSRP because of the F150 being hard to get. There calling it Live Market Pricing. Has anyone else notice this at any other dealer? Any 2021 F150 on there lot has the MSRP raised by $2000.
  9. 275/65/20 Nitto Ridge Grappler VS 295/60/20 Terra Grappler side by side visual comparison.

    With those tires being taller than the originals, I think you will need to get your speedometer recalibrated.
  10. So THIS is why you all get aftermarket wheels (damage from washing)

    Get yourself some wheel whoolies to clean your wheels.
  11. Aluminum body corrosion warning when installing aftermarket parts on F-150

    This is a video of how they put on those Ford Gatorback mud flaps.
  12. Antimatter Blue too dark?

    2021 Ford F150 Platinum in Antimatter Blue customized done by Akins Ford.
  13. ANTIMATTER BLUE F-150 (2021+) Club

    2021 Ford F150 Platinum Antimatter Blue done by Akins Ford.
  14. Factory painted Orange 2021 F-150 XLT

    The great pumpkin Charlie Brown.
  15. 2021 F150 Grills

    There is a video on you tube where they dechromed a Platinum truck, It's under (Wild Willies Custom Accessories).
  16. 2021 F150 Grills

    I have no idea, You would have to get a quote from a body shop. There is a video on YouTube on this truck.
  17. 2021 F150 Grills

    Check out this Platinum grille that was painted to match the truck color. If you want to see the video on this truck it's under (Wild Willies Custom Accessories) on YouTube. They did one truck in Antimatter Blue & one in Agate Black for customers.
  18. 2021 F-150 Factory Wheel Well Liners (With and Without)

    Liners for the 2020 F150 will not fit the 21, Best price I found Tasca Parts $137.20 or Levittown Parts $140.88.
  19. DIY video: 2021 Ford F-150 Wheel Well Liner Install

    Best price I have found is at TASCA PARTS $137.20 But you should call first to make sure they have them in stock. Levittown Ford $140.88