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  1. 8/2 Build Week

    Right. Not "factory direct" per se but but basically so. Dealerships may still participate in Ford Express Buy; or Ford us not forcing them to. Bottom line is it allows consumers to bypass the classic dealership experience.
  2. 8/2 Build Week

    Ford is currently transitioning to factory-direct retail ordering. I understand they are rolling it out on a subset of models. It can't get here fast enough. Need to eliminate this middle-man dealer bull.
  3. 8/2 Build Week

    Thanks for the info. Ironically, just yesterday, a competing dealer just called me saying the dealership at which I placed my retail order, had made a last minute "market adjustment" to another customer after waiting on a retail build. Clearly, sounded like shady dealer games to draw customers...
  4. Dealer update: No more 2021 F-150 orders will be built. MY2022 Order Bank opens Sept 15

    I'm sure the water settled after a while. Would argue a standard extended drive in the rain on pavement would be worse for the underbody given all the spray generated by movement.
  5. Tremor Rake - We All See It

    Saw the F150 Tremor in person the first time the other day and test drove it. I like the rake exactly how it is. It looked much less pronounced than the pre-prod pictures. And the exhaust sounds fantastic.
  6. Dealer update: No more 2021 F-150 orders will be built. MY2022 Order Bank opens Sept 15

    This was the picture going around in August of flooded F150 lots:
  7. 8/2 Build Week

    Yes, his was on chip hold (SEP-9 post). This is good news. Great to see movement.
  8. 8/2 Build Week

    Are we going to have an ETA bump party tomorrow night on the forums or does that begin tonight? *cheers*
  9. Dealer update: No more 2021 F-150 orders will be built. MY2022 Order Bank opens Sept 15

    Did you have a signed price quote on your original retail order?
  10. 8/2 Build Week

    Haha. Right there with you. Crank out those SLOCs! :)
  11. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

  12. 8/2 Build Week

    Crocket, that is a NICE lariat build. Talk about loaded. ;)
  13. 8/2 Build Week

    Fantastic. Do you know if your VVR said it was on chip hold prior to last week?
  14. 8/2 Build Week

    Just heard back from my dealer today. VVR still shows chip hold for me.
  15. 8/2 Build Week

    I *think* they are at 33%. I wasn't able to determine that from the memo that came out last week. Couldn't tell if it was only the KC layoff continuing or if they were also continuing the reduced shift in Dearborn. Anyone know for sure?
  16. 8/2 Build Week

    Again, I am just speculating. Given a limited amount of chip supply, from a profit perspective, it is more cost effective for Ford to use that supply in their more-efficient production process (trucks going down the production line). I would venture to guess Ford applies most of their chip...
  17. 8/2 Build Week

    It is disappointing. This also happened before to the April/May chip hold group. From a business and production rate standpoint, it kinda makes sense why they are doing it. Hypothetically, the rate at which vehicles come off the production line is faster (1 truck every ~60 seconds) than...
  18. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    Anyone know of any dealer stock on a 402a tremor *NOT* charging ridiculous prices over MSRP? I'd consider a weekend drive to visit.
  19. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    I test drove a tremor for the first time today and was blown away. Amazing truck. The exhaust sounds fantastic, IMO. Youtube does not do it justice. Definitely louder/throated than standard exhaust. There's a transition moment a couple seconds after ignition when it transitions from higher...
  20. 8/2 Build Week

    Any movement today for anyone?