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  1. Magnaflow Exhaust?

    Also, link to Magnaflow muffler used below.
  2. Magnaflow Exhaust?

    Basically what I did. Had a local shop install an 18" Magnaflow, with piping + labor, $550. I purchased the tips separately, dual slant behind each rear tire. Just installed Roush CAI and it sounds fantastic and exactly what I was looking for!
  3. Sport mode in 2WD experience

    I've switched to Sport mode, all while staying in 2H. Big difference in throttle response, not sure about handling.
  4. 600+ horsepower / 520lb/ft of torque!

    Got all the stats besides the most important one....$$$
  5. KC vs Dearborn quality issues

    KC problems.
  6. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    Totally agree with engine choices and Fords come a long way with the Eco. Like I stated, I came from the first year Eco and I'm sure they've made a lot of improvements since then. But, with all those improvements, it doesn't change the fact that I smile every time I crank up my each...
  7. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    All I did today was Gawk at it!
  8. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    All I can say I came from a 2011 Ecoboost (first year for that motor) and am thrilled to be back in a V8. The 3.5 is a good engine (even though at roughly 72000 miles had to replace timing chain at $2500) and am sure they made improvements over the years but, my main concern was "ALWAYS" the...
  9. Dura Tire Coating

    Will let those interested, know how well or not Dura-Coating works. Again not looking for Shiney tires, but something a little more satin looking.
  10. Kickin' the Tires & Lightin' the Fires: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Tire and Wheel Cleaning Day

    Used bleach white once, wasn't impressed...maybe I didn't use correctly, as my tires still had that brown crap on them(from what I've gathered the brown crap is part of the mold release when tires are manufactured and continues to seep out of the rubbers pores). Will try again along with brush...
  11. Kickin' the Tires & Lightin' the Fires: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Tire and Wheel Cleaning Day

    The best I've used in the past for white letters on tires was billo pads with the blue soap! Don't run white letters anymore so haven't used in quite awhile.
  12. Dura Tire Coating

    Has anyone heard of or used Dura-coating tire dressing? Everything I seen or read says this is one of the best options out there for tires. Once applied, will last 3-6 months depending on driving conditions. Not a fan of the "Shiney Look" but do like the satin look on my tires...
  13. Cold Air Intakes

    Ordered the Roush. Really wanted the S and B. When I spoke with them, explaining Roush was just capping one of the inlets (also supplying the cap) on their 15-20 CAI, they said they couldn't reccomend the same for theirs, so I ordered the Roush. They also asked me if I were in their area...
  14. LEAD FOOT F-150 (2021+) Club

    Looks good and thought about the same, or something close, concerning the roof. Amazing how the Lead Foot color looks completely different in direct sunlight vs. none.
  15. Need some engine input

    Like I said, "To each their own" and "It's a personal preference ", so there is no reason to start any crap! Personally I have Never ANY 6 cylinder, true dual or not , that sounds worth a damn. I drove the first year Ecoboost, 2011 , for 9 years and never once dreamed of putting duals on it. If...

    They look great....but not too sure about airflow!
  17. Fender Emblem Measurements

    Also, will the rectangle "F150 XLT" pop out of the rest of the badge or will you have to stick (glue) new emblem on top of it?
  18. Need some engine input

    No true dual (warranty was a little more important) but this set up gave me the sound I wanted.
  19. Need some engine input

    Drove the Eco for 10 years, 2011 first year for that motor. #1 Never buy a first year motor( at 70000 had to replace timing chain ar $2500!) I know they've come a long way with motor and it's a strong one but, the way I drive, a little heavy with the foot, the gas mileage I got was that of a V8...
  20. Is There No Aftermarket Mufflers For The 2021 F150's?

    Had a custom dual Magnaflow installed. Just right, sounds like a V8 should without being obnoxious. Had dual running out the back but, they set too low for me, so now have Wesdon dual slant/angled behind each wheeel and now I'm happy! Next on my list....spoilers!