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  1. How does one order a 2022 F-150?

    Order guide, but no pricing at the link below. I assume that the dealer would have pricing at this point. Maybe @Granger Ford @GrangerChip could answer that question...
  2. How does one order a 2022 F-150?

    I would assume you'd call a dealer and ask that question. You always have to order through a dealer anyways, even if you use the build tool.
  3. Dealer update: No more 2021 F-150 orders will be built. MY2022 Order Bank opens Sept 15

    This is a Ford F-150 Gen 14 forum, 2022 is still Gen 14. A new Gen is when most of the truck is overhauled. There's sometimes a mid cycle refresh which will still be a gen 14, but may have some minor interior or exterior changes. They normally change every 4 to 5 years. You can see all the...
  4. Weird warning on dash

    That's strange. You might want to check your blinker fluid too. (just a random joke here.)
  5. The Major Problem With EVs No One Is Talking About

    Most EVs can't be overcharged... But you're telling me that no one can hack a gasoline vehicle parked in a garage to start and kill everyone in the house? Oh wait, no fumes with the EV. So there's a plus.
  6. F-150 Will Not Be Selected For Scheduling This Week (on 9/9)

    From today..... :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
  7. American car dealerships for sale

    I'm not signing up to read the whole story. :rolleyes:
  8. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    The final payload numbers will be mines the options you get. Sunroom, power tailgate.... etc will take away from payload.
  9. Options exclusive to Dearborn factory built F-150s?

    Some good info in this thread: Choosing Dearborn or Kansas City for your truck's production? | -- 2021+ Ford F-150, Lightning EV, Raptor Forum (14th Gen)
  10. 2nd 14th gen On Order!

    It's a possibility then. But if it doesn't get built this year.....
  11. 2nd 14th gen On Order!

    Unless you ordered before July 16th, I seriously doubt you'll get they diesel. That was the cutoff day. Ford F-150 Ditches Power Stroke Diesel V-6 Engine (
  12. Explanation of why I haven't been around lately.

    Sorry for your loss Jay, that really sucks. Prayers sent.
  13. This truck has a mind of it's own!

    Were there any updates before it happened?
  14. Why 20 inch (and not 18") wheels on 3.0L?

    I'm not sure, but you can bet it'll change Sept. 15 when 2022 orders start and the ordering system is updated. Ford Cutting Diesel F-150 From Lineup | Kelley Blue Book (
  15. Scheduling weeks?

    I doubt it. Did you see the August production info? In just August retail orders are up 4 fold with 41,000 new orders. Plus this week and either next or last Dearborn is running 1 shift, Missouri plant is shutdown for 2 weeks. F-150 Lightning Reservations Top 130,000 as Ford Reports August...
  16. F-150 Lightning Reservations Top 130,000 as Ford Reports August 2021 F-150 Sales & Production Results

    Specified. Trucks shipped, but didn't have the functionality until now.
  17. F-150 Tremor Deals?

    Looks like 2 dealers within 100 miles has them. Both $3500 over MSRP. :/
  18. The Last of the Microchips

    Yep, I work for an outdoor power equipment manufacture (I'm in R&D) and our factory is shutdown for 2 weeks. Has nothing to do with microchips.
  19. The Last of the Microchips

    1. Of course they will promote, but the F-150 is still there best selling vehicle. We've seen it scheduled more when the Bronco and others have been shut down. 2. See number 1, F-150 is there best selling vehicle. They will continue to make them a priority. They may have a lot of people that...