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  1. 11/08 Build Club

    Nice, I ordered mine from Cavalier Ford as well. Which one? I ordered on 7/25. Mine says in production with Blend date of 9/21 on the Window Sticker
  2. 9/20 Build Week

    Looks like I’m right there with you. Sticker showed up tonight. Ordered 7/25
  3. 9/20 Build Week

    Chatted With FP and looks like I’m still on this week for build day of 9/21.
  4. 2015-2021 F150 BedRug Complete Bed Liner

    Do you sell the velcro if putting over top a spray in bed liner? Also got any deals going on?
  5. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    I will have to keep note of that when mine comes in.
  6. 9/13 Build Week!

    Looks like I’m off to 9/20 week. Good Luck!
  7. 9/20 Build Week

    Looks like I’m on this week now. Build date is 9/22. Let’s see if it holds….
  8. F-150 Lightning Reservations Top 130,000 as Ford Reports August 2021 F-150 Sales & Production Results

    “New F-150s are now shipping to customers with available Ford BlueCruise hands- free driver assist technology.” Does this mean any new ones built are automatically getting that Active Prep package? Or only if you specified it in the order?
  9. 09/06 Build Week

    I would double check your build week. With the recent shutdown and shift reduction for the next two weeks you probably got pushed with the rest of us. I got pushed to 9/13 build week. But pretty sure it will be pushed again with only one shift running at the Dearborn Plant.
  10. XLT FX4 5.0 went off-roading

    Awesome, still waiting for mine but i went with Sport instead of getting the FX4 package. But it still has the locker. So eager to try it out to see how it handles. Def want to add some skid plates once I get the truck.
  11. 9/13 Build Week!

    Lariat Powerboost as well for dearborn
  12. XLT FX4 5.0 went off-roading

    Did you have to use the Rock/crawl mode at all?
  13. 9/13 Build Week!

    Looks like I’m in this group now.
  14. 09/06 Build Week

    Looks like I’m Pushed to 9/13 instead of 9/9.
  15. Adding BlueCruise to Lariat

    I believe you would also need the front bumper sensors as well. Those are included with the BlueCruise option. But like mentioned above, I don’t think they will allow you to use the feature if done after the fact. Who knows maybe they will end up giving an option to have the dealer install if...
  16. Powertrain Malfunction/Reduced Power

    Wonder if there is a missing seal around the electrical wiring.
  17. 09/06 Build Week

    Nice, I almost went with the Anti Matter blue but didn’t want the chrome so went with velocity blue. Nice looking truck though!
  18. 09/06 Build Week

    Just checked with my dealer and build date is 9/9. Getting closer!