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  1. 10/11 Build Week

    Hi Guys, I'm here now. Moved from 9/20 week to 10/11 week. This is my first move since my VIN was issued so fingers crossed it doesn't move again. 🤞
  2. 9/20 Build Week

    Well... I heard from FP this morning that I'm moved to the Week of October 11th with no scheduled date. Status updated 9/7. Good luck to y'all in this week. Hope your production holds!
  3. 9/20 Build Week

    I’m not liking all these updates. Waiting till tomorrow to chat with FP. Although my dealer told me that if I have a scheduled build date (not just a build week) then the truck will be built on that day or earlier. So I guess we will see.
  4. Order Tracking E-Mail Notifications

    @victimofareload - Continued thanks for putting this together. You tha man! Question for you. I just received an email update. (Which by the way is the most exciting email notification to receive 😆). However, there was nothing really that was changed other than the "Last Changed" timestamp and...
  5. What did you NOT expect, but LOVE about your '21 F-150?

    If you’re pulling into your garage/carport, try unbuckling your seatbelt to turn off auto hold.
  6. Explanation of why I haven't been around lately

    @Antimatter Tremor Im so sorry for your loss. I can’t begin to imagine what that must feel like and how to walk though that. I’m glad that your marriage was in a happy place and I appreciate the words of wisdom and encouragement that come from experience. I will be praying for you and your...
  7. New to the board

    User Avitar checks out...
  8. F-150 Lightning Reservations Top 130,000 as Ford Reports August 2021 F-150 Sales & Production Results

    This is great info! Thanks @Administrator! My take away from last report, production by plant, is that Ford had a strong month last month making F-150s. Back to pre-chip shortage levels of Jan-Mar. As long as they maintain a steady supply chain, they are poised to keep cranking them trucks out...
  9. Ordered truck, now what…..

    Also, here’s a really good thread on scheduling. Typically the system is updated by Friday each week.
  10. 9/20 Build Week

    Hopefully that won’t happen. But if so, @Granger Ford y’all better hook this man up!
  11. 9/20 Build Week

    Idk. 🤷‍♂️ Jeremy was the guy who gave me this info today. I noticed the date was off from my build week and he did clarify that was the build day vs build week. And each time I've talked to FP they have told me when my order was last updated.
  12. 9/20 Build Week

    Update from FP Chat: Build Date Scheduled for 9/21. :cool: Hopefully this sticks!
  13. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Great job on the lighting! Love the side vent LEDs! How’s you hook those up? And for the Interior under dash lights, did you use a specific kit?
  14. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I was planning on getting some bull rings too! Was curious though if the rings would cause more water/leaking into the bed if you have a tonneau cover. Have you noticed that yet?
  15. 9/20 Build Week

    Wow, I didn’t realize that! I’d be frustrated too. Sorry man… Hang in there though! I have hope that this production week will stick.
  16. 9/20 Build Week

    Ford Performance. Go to their contact us page and chat with them, or call them. Have your vin and order number ready.
  17. 9/20 Build Week

    Yeah I’ve determined I’m only gonna check with FP once a week - on Fridays. At least until it’s built then I’ll be bugging more to figure out when it’ll get here. 😂 I don't mind waiting. I have a great vehicle that works and I would love to have everything I’ve always wanted in a truck than...
  18. 9/20 Build Week

    Just chatted with FP. No changes... sigh. Patience is hard.
  19. 8/2 Build Week

    That's Awesome!! Enjoy your new ride! Is there anything in your XLT order that didn't come with on this Lariat? Just curious if you got everything you wanted.