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  1. Powerboost Aftermarket Tires

    I have the 285/65r20 KO2 on my PB and I get about 20mpg, maybe a little less. I think sticking close to the stock size and an SL rated tire wont hurt you too badly.
  2. Buying a Used PB - WTH is Going On?

    I'd buy used. I got my loaded Lariat at about 25% off MSRP back in February with 13,500 miles on it. My wife and I did end up taking a day off to drive down to nowhere West Virginia to get it though - about 4 hours one way.
  3. Why SL rated factory tires on PowerBoost if it can tow up to 12,500 lbs?

    By that logic, an F250 shouldn't tow anymore than 10,000 lbs...
  4. Any off-road tires that are good in the snow?

    In light snow the duratracs tend to slide a little bit, but them being on a wrangler may have been a factor as well. In deep snow, they'll push you anywhere you want to go.
  5. See Wheels on Your F-150 | Wheel Visualizer

    Lariat PB. Also no luck.
  6. Trailer Brake controller only works manually sliding

    Its an excellent question. Wish I had a trailer that had brakes that I could run some tests with. Our situation is a little different as the brakes work with the slider where the other thread I believe had no brakes no matter what. I'm also painfully working my way through this 34 page...
  7. Trailer Brake controller only works manually sliding

    I believe there is a member on here who had issues with the plug for the 7 pin trailer connection that did not allow the electric trailer brakes to work when she pressed her brakes. I believe the ford female connector was slightly smaller than the typical 7 pin plug or something like that? I'll...
  8. Why SL rated factory tires on PowerBoost if it can tow up to 12,500 lbs?

    My E rated ko2s suck the mileage down as well. Leveled on 285/65r20s and best i can get is 20 on a full tank. I'll be going back to stock or to the SL rated nittos after these ko2s get some mileage on them.
  9. Why SL rated factory tires on PowerBoost if it can tow up to 12,500 lbs?

    Take some pictures and let us know how it goes!
  10. Eco Mode "Report"

    It is a report based on your current trip. When you turn off the truck, it resets. It does not have different rules depending on the drive mode you are in afaik. But, Eco mode will make it easier to achieve a better eco report due to the lightened throttle response. Sport mode will make your...
  11. Eco Mode "Report"

    I have a new something to try on the way home now....
  12. Eco Mode "Report"

    It's just part of the eco coach. Should appear on the screen at the end of every trip, afaik. Basically youre doing everything the truck thinks you can to achieve decent gas mileage. Those numbers would be lower if you accelerated hard from a stop, slammed on the brakes, or were driving 70+ on...
  13. Don't go off road with factory Ford 20's. They can't take it.

    I think just about any wheel would've seen abuse there, tiny rocks being thrown about in a mud puddle. The Goodyear duratracs I had on my jeep stuck out over the wheel a little further than other tires I've seen. Granted that can only protect you from so much like curb rash and smallish rocks...
  14. Don't go off road with factory Ford 20's. They can't take it.

    That sucks big time. The first scratches make it easier to have more fun in the future though! Ask my previous jeep wrangler how I know. Plus, they are called 20" sport wheels... Not offroad wheels. Granted I've seen some pretty silly looking "offroad" wheels before too...
  15. Livernois tuner for Powerboost?

    Ah. Sorry I should’ve clarified. I am not tuned at all. Bone stock besides a level and 285/65 bfg ko2s. AFAIK, that bar graph is just the ev coach coaching when the truck is using your disc brakes, regen braking, running in EV or hybrid mode. Should be an OEM feature
  16. Livernois tuner for Powerboost?

    I usually run it almost to E… Last fill up was 91 ethanol free. No improvement in gas mileage :cautious:
  17. Livernois tuner for Powerboost?

    Managed to snag this on the way home today
  18. Gas tank size….

    Per my factual info, your truck is not a powerboost. The powerboost was first available in gen14 trucks MY2021 and newer. Your truck is a gen13 and NOT a powerboost.
  19. Gas tank size….

    The powerboost, regardless of options, has a 30.6 gallon gas tank
  20. Gas tank size….

    I've put in close to 31 gallons with about 20 miles DTE before as well. Also not topping off the tank. I think we just dipped into the reserve a little bit too much. Most tanks read E and then you still put in less than the design tank capacity. Ie. 28 gallons at E in a 30.6 gallon tank.