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  1. Because everyone has it.... GAS STATION SHOTS!!!

    Idk, random but why not eh lol
  2. Euro headlights

    Does anyone know if there's anything different outside of aesthetics between the USDM and EDM models? Really like the look but want to make sure the harness will be the same.
  3. F-150 coverage from Wild Willies: The Showdown

    Wild Willes in Winder, GA hosted an event called The Showdown on 08/20/2022. They promoted it for just under a month and had a fairly good turnout for the short promotion period! They're planning on doing another event in the Spring so excited to see that one too! They had all types of cars and...
  4. Wild Willies : The Showdown 08/20/22

    If you're anywhere near Atlanta area, or feel like driving, the shop that did the install of my lift is throwing an event. I'm gonna try to make it out!
  5. Is it still a pavement princess?

    Rain finally decided to make an appearance in N Ga over the past few days and finally got some in my area.. SOOOO I just had to go back to the clay spot and see if it got wet any... got a little bit to sling around but man, I've never cleaned clay before.. NOT FUN :cautious:
  6. well, I tried....

    Hasn't rained lately, at least in my area, but wanted to take the truck to my old trucks picture spot. The GA clay was pretty dry and solid due to lack of rain bbuutt, getting up that hill was A LOT easier this time around =P Then some at a random warehouse...
  7. On top of Akins Mountain!

    I got the opportunity to go back to the dealership who installed my lift and they put my truck on Akins Mountain so I can take some pictures! It set a new heat index record for Atlanta that day at 111 so I didn't get a lot of pictures but I did make the best of it. Hopefully y'all like as well...
  8. Georgia Sold: 20" Sport wheels & tires, TPMS included

    Selling my OEM wheels that came off my 2021 F150. They're 20" XLT Sport wheels, 6x135 lug pattern with 275/60/20 Hankook Dynapro AT2 tires. TPMS ARE INCLUDED. I believe I even have the OEM lugnuts if you need those Asking $1,000 obo, will drive and meet up if its a reasonable drive. I'm...
  9. New overpass = Pictures!

    There was a new bypass added near my work sooooo before heading up to Wild Willies for some epic pictures, I obviously had to get stop here and some pictures once it was finished.. Thoughts?? For Hi-Res.. www.flickr.com/afrandsen
  10. Skwrtle's XLT FX4 build.. Everest Edition with 6" lift on 22's

    Scooped this beaut up in January 2022.. 2021 F150 XLT 302A Oxford White 3.5L
  11. Will aftermarket intake void factory warranty?

    I know this may be a dumb question, but I'm new to the new truck / warranty thing... I tried searching the forum but haven't seen a thread with the intake question. Will adding and intake void the warranty? I know tuning it will but wasn't sure if just adding these on will do the same. Any...
  12. Shifter alignment..

    Not sure if its really an alignment or not.. but when I put the shifter in any position it'll click but the light won't illuminate nor will it truly be in gear. It just started this randomly today, has anyone else come across this issue?
  13. Skwrlte's 21 XLT

    Figured since I finally started ordering some goodies whenever I get around to snap a few pics, I can at least have a spot to post them.. 21 XLT | Oxford White | FX4 Package
  14. 22x12's on a Level?

    Long shot.. I have rims on the way and tires following but just was told the Lift is a 6-8 month wait... Has anyone stuff 22x12 -44 with 35s on a leveling kit? Debating on at least leveling it while I wait so the new goodies don't turn into room decor =/
  15. Front bumper spacer

    I've seen people saying they've extended their bumper some in order to fit bigger rims and/or tires.. Just curious, where would you find the stuff to do it? Any help is appreciated.