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  1. EcoBoost Versus PowerBoost

    I’m very pleased with my powerboost. It is noticeably faster than my prior 18 F150 FX4 with the second Gen 3.5L engine. I really like this powertrain. It’s not flawless but it’s damn good for the first year.
  2. General feedback on 2021+ 10R80 transmission / shift characteristics

    The 10R80 in my 2021 sounds pretty much exactly the same as my 2018 did. Still whines due to the offset pump.
  3. Exterior door lock buttons

    I’m going to try cleaning them and washing my fingers more often to see if it helps. 😎
  4. 2021 Lariat vs discounted 2020 Platinum or KR

    Coming from a 2018, I much prefer the 2021. I spent the extra coin and so should you. 🤣
  5. Exterior door lock buttons

    Lol. Well then they work like crap on my truck. 🤣
  6. Exterior door lock buttons

    Anyone else notice the exterior door lock buttons are stiff and not very user friendly? They seem to take a lot more pressure to lock the truck than I’d expect.
  7. Copilot 360 2.0 functions available from day 1?

    from the name it seems to imply sign recognition. From my experience that seems true.
  8. Clunk when engine kicks in

    to me it reminds me of the auto stop/start in my prior 2018.
  9. Clunk when engine kicks in

    Mine seems to do this.
  10. Front door panel / window creaking / rattling

    I know. I’m OCD as F about rattles. Lol
  11. Front door panel / window creaking / rattling

    I noticed on my platinum that I have what appears to be some rattling or creaking coming from both front doors. At first I thought it was the door sales, so I put some Krytox on them, but that didn't change anything. Today I pulled off the triangular trim pieces at the front of each door and...
  12. 2021 Ford Limited F-150 Hybrid Powerboost Whining issue

    Mine seems to operate correctly. Built 01/28/21.
  13. SSM 49625 - SYNC4 System Reboot Procedure for 2021 F-150 – Various SYNC 4 System Concerns

    SSM 49625 Some 2021 Mustang Mach-E/F-150/Edge/Nautilus vehicles may require a reboot of the SYNC 4 system. For vehicles equipped with a volume/power and right seek button, press and hold both the volume/power and right seek button for 10 seconds and the system will reboot. For vehicles not...
  14. 21 King Ranch Owner Feedback...

    You should consider taking some pictures of the seat with a tape measure measurements in view so that others could possibly perform a comparison. I have a 2021 Platinum with the max recline seats, and the truck is very comfortable.
  15. 2021 F150 Lariat 3.5L shifter stuck in gear

    I posted a thread in the issues section which references the Gear Selector Module (GSM). Ford has indicated there's a software issue, but that was for being stuck in park.
  16. 26% of miles so far are electric only on PowerBoost!

    The MPG reading includes all miles.
  17. General feedback on 2021+ 10R80 transmission / shift characteristics

    I thought I'd start a thread to see what people thought of the shift characteristics of the 10R80 in the 2021 F150. My general feedback is that at nearly 300 miles, it's considerably improved from my prior 2018 F150 FX4 with the 3.5L and 10R80. Here's where I feel it excels: 1. Cold shift...
  18. How much fuel in tank when you picked up?

    Full tank on my PowerBoost.