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  1. Washington $500 - 2021 Sport appearance 20s - Skagit county

    Have a full set of factory 20s with TPMS sensors. There is some curb rash on a couple rims but the tires seem to be brand new. I only put about 500 miles on them when I bought the truck used. See pics.
  2. Alphaequipt 17x8.5 Bronze Halo rims with P285/70r17 Baja Boss AT's

    Tire Rack had a decent deal on these rims. Been looking for awhile and happy to say I love the new look. So far, there is zero rubbing. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have the time to take it up some fire roads and see if that still holds true. 17x8.5 with 0 offset in Bronze. Here's...
  3. Any regrets going from 20 to 17s or 18s??

    I keep going back and forth from keeping the factory 20s and going to 34s or going with a 285 or 295, 17-18 inch equivalent. I'm 90% street and 10% off-road (forest service roads and construction site, no real rock crawling), spread out throughout the year in WA. Thanks 🤙
  4. 295/70-17 on 0 offset rims, stock height.... thoughts

    I'm thinking of going from the 20in factory 6 spoke rims to a set of 17s with 0 offset on my 4x4 XLT but I haven't been able to find anyone running that size. Seems people are going to 35s, 33x12.5 or staying with 275 width tires. Is this setup even feasible without a level? Will I be hitting...