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  1. Priority Update 23-PU0724-DOM-RS

    I got this update yesterday afternoon as well. Ford Pass Notification
  2. Bought ‘23 Platinum PB with no sunroof

    I specifically bought mine with the Panoramic Sunroof. I have them in other Ford Vehicles and personally have never had an issue. I love the extra light
  3. Any off-road tires that are good in the snow?

    My Truck is the stock ride height. The wheels are Black Rhino Altas 18x9. I have no rubbing. ATLAS | Black Rhino (blackrhinowheels.com)
  4. Any off-road tires that are good in the snow?

    I went with K02's 275/70/R18. Had a 2010 and 2012 Raptor's with them and they were great in the snow with them. Will see how how it goes this winter :-)
  5. Did the XLT Powerboost lose the full digital instrument display?

    Don't belive the XLT has ever had the full digital cluster.
  6. Forscan - Return to Last Drive Mode Without Prompt?

    At least the F150 asks you if you want to return to the last mode when started. I had a 2021 Explorer ST that did not, so you have to turn the mode dial back to it. First World problems indeed :cool:
  7. What tire came on your PowerBoost?

    My 23 XLT BAP came with Pirelli Scorpion's - 275/60/R20 but I change both my wheels and tires to Black Rhino Atlas 18x9 and BFGoodrich KO2 275/70/R18 Sold the stock wheel/tires last week
  8. New Tires for F-150?

    I changed my tires to BFGoodrich KO2 275/70 R18. Also changed the Rims to Black Rhino Atlas 18x9. My Truck came with the Black Appearance Package wheels with Pirelli Scorpion Tires 275/60 R20. Truck drives great with the new setup. Milage has not really been affected.
  9. Ford owners prefer factory infotainment over Android Auto

    No Wireless Android Auto would have been a deal breaker for me. I do also use SXM and a usb with music. The Sync4 Nav subscription expired after 3 month and I don't want to pay for it
  10. Anyone running Black Rhino Wheels?

    I got the Atlas (18x9) wheels on my Truck a month ago with K02 Tires (275/70/R18)
  11. Accessory mode and stop safely now

    Sad state of affairs, that's for sure :-(
  12. Accessory mode and stop safely now

    Dealership had my Truck for over 7 hours and never looked at it. Based on all the people dropping of vehicles in the morning, they were completely overbooked. Ended up just picking the Truck up. No idea what to do now. Truck has been fine since the original no start issue but....
  13. Accessory mode and stop safely now

    Just dropped my Truck of at the dealer. Since I hade the issue of course the Truck has been fine. Lets see what they find, if anything.
  14. All clean for 5 Minutes ;-)

    Did that already lol
  15. All clean for 5 Minutes ;-)

    The Rims are Black Rhino Atlas 18x9 with BFGoodrich K02 275/70/R18